May 21, 2024
Divine Archetypes

Warrior Masculine Archetype: Men What Unique Qualities Do You Possess?

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Moore and Gillette identify four archetypes of masculine energies from myth and literature. One of these the Warrior Masculine Archetype dares and fights for a noble cause. King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette

What is a Masculine Archetype?

An archetype consists of certain specific psychological and emotional qualities of thought and behavior. A Masculine Archetype exhibits the best and highest expression of these energies in a man. A Warrior Masculine Archetype dares to fight for a noble cause.

Warrior Masculine ArchetypeWarrior Masculine Archetype Qualities:

• Clarity of Thought
• Decisive
• Disciplined
• Knows Himself
• Loyal,
• Protector
• Selfless Service

Women what type of Warrior masculine archetypes do you see in the men around you?

Women you also carry within your psyche Masculine Archetypal energies.

How Do Men Develop the Warrior Masculine Archetype to Become a More Mature Man?

A more mature man has greater confidence and a sense of life purpose in selfless service to others. This Archetype masters inner and outer transformation.

Warrior Masculine Archetype:

By developing certain of the qualities below you will mature into more of the Warrior masculine archetype.

• Be Decisive
• Discover your Core Values
• Discover your Principles
• Find a Purpose in Life
• Learn a Martial Art
• Strengthen Disciple through Daily Routines

Note: As a Warrior you may want to ask yourself the following question, if it applies – What action(s) do I need to take?

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Please Comment: Men share the qualities that have assisted you related to Masculine Archetypes that would be helpful to other men.


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