April 23, 2024
Divine Archetypes

Women How to Unlock Your Unique Divine Feminine Archetype

divine feminine archetype

We women, when we’re searching for a meaning to our lives or for the path of knowledge, always identify with one of four classic archetypes. Paulo Coelho

What is a Divine Feminine Archetype?

divine feminine archetypeAn archetype consists of psychological and emotional qualities of thought and behavior. A Divine Feminine Archetype exhibits the best and highest expression of these energies in a woman.

Divine Feminine Archetype qualities emerge more as women begin taking their rightful place with men in the world to balance the masculine energies ruling the world at this time.

Each of us, both men and women, carry within our psyche both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Archetype energies. We manifest these energies in our everyday activities. By consciously developing these qualities, we become more mature and balanced as men and women working together for a better world for all.

Men: I challenge you to become aware and integrate the feminine archetype qualities into your inner feminine or anima.

What Six Main Divine Feminine Archetypes Do Women Possess?

Note: Notice what qualities you possess in each of the archetypes to see your strengths. Also, at the end of the article notice where you can develop more as you read the questions related to the shadow aspects of the archetype.

Goddess/Creatrix Archetype: A Creatrix produces new creations. Unlike the other archetypes a Goddess/Creatrix functions as a higher spiritual aspect in some women. Rather than being develop it functions as a natural aspect of their true spiritual being. At a certain level of consciousness, a woman recognizes this Goddess/Creatrix which begins working through her allowing her to create new manifestations in her career, finances and life. A Goddess/Creatrix contains qualities of the other archetypes.

  • Connects With the Flow of Life
  • Creates New Possibilities
  • Originates New Ideas
  • Possesses Intuitive Wisdom
  • Radiates Unconditional Love
  • Rejuvenates and Heals those She Influences

divine feminine archetypeQueen/Leader Archetype: Selfless & Wise – Incorporates the Lover, Mother & Warrior. Authors, humanitarians, mystics, politicians, queens, saints, & scientists

  • Accepts Reality – Lives in the Present
  • Embodies the Full Potential of Life
  • Experiences from the Heart Rather than the Mind
  • Her Life and Spiritual Path are the same
  • Knows the Unity of Life
  • Lives in Service for Others
  • Realizes Everything is Sacred

Lover Archetype: Passionate About Life & Sensitive

  • A Romantic
  • Brings Together the Duality of the Male & Female Energies
  • Compassionate and Kind
  • Connected with Emotions/Emotionally Intelligent
  • Creative, Playful & Sensual
  • Experiences Life in the Moment
  • Loves Contact & Connection

Mother Archetype: Provides a Domain of Loving Care

  • Caring & Compassionate
  • Holds Center of Happiness & Well-Being for Her Household
  • Loving Selflessly
  • Persistent
  • Nurturers
  • Stabilizing Influence

divine feminine archetype Priestess Archetype: Intuitive Awareness into the Unknown

  • Awareness of Other Dimensions/Realms
  • Conduit for Healing Energies
  • Grounded in Her Body
  • High Discernment
  • Listens to Her Heart & Body Wisdom
  • Searches for Higher Knowledge

Warrioress/Amazon Archetype: Stands & Fights for the Truth

  • Assertive
  • Athletic
  • Completes Tasks
  • Courageous
  • Maintains Good Personal Boundaries
  • Protects the Innocent & the inner child

Now that you recognize your Feminine Archetypes what Archetypes of your Divine Feminine would you like to develop more? Asking and finding solutions to the following questions that apply will assist your development. The questions relate to the unconscious undeveloped wounded parts i.e.; your shadow aspects which when you see them in others irritates you. Remember – Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Carl Jung

Healing the Shdivine feminine archetype adow Aspects of Your Divine Feminine Archetype

Goddess/Creatrix Divine Feminine Archetype : How do I manipulate others? Am I paranoid? Do I doubt myself or the Divine? Action: Discover and heal the core of your self-doubt. This can take time.

Mother Divine Feminine Archetype: How can I heal the wounds from my own mother? How can I learn to nurture myself instead of exhausting myself always nurturing everyone else? Am I codependent and how do I become less codependent? Actions: Find a good healer or therapist to heal your wounds. Get a workbook on overcoming codependency or join a codependency recovery group.

Queen Divine Feminine Archetype: What is the fear behind my desire to over control others? Do I need to learn to love myself more? Actions: Meditate daily to develop your spiritual being. Decide to let go of your inner stories that keep you locked in suffering. See a healer or therapist to learn to stay with the feelings and sensations in your body, even resistance.

Priestess Divine Feminine Archetype: Where am I over subjective in my life? Is it difficult for me to be in my body and grounded? Action: Ask a question from your heart and then take a walks in nature to experience your body and nature.

Lover Divine Feminine Archetype: Does my inner child/little girl need to be seen and loved? Am I self-absorbed? Am I more concerned about outer rather than inner beauty? Do I have a distorted body image? Where am I insensitive to the needs of others? When do I compare myself to others? Do I manipulate others to get what I want? Actions: Find a healer or a therapist to heal the wounds of abuse and trauma. Learn about personal boundaries. Indulge in healthy ways to nurture yourself.

Warrioress Divine Feminine Archetype: Where do I create chaos, drama or fits of anger or jealousy? Where do I withhold love? Who do I need to forgive? Actions: Ask your inner child what she needs? Write a letter to your inner child. Then with your opposite hand have your inner child write a letter back to you. Learn to ask for what you need.





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