May 21, 2024
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Is Conscious Ascension Possible?

conscious acension

 How Can We Ever Rise to Conscious Ascension?

conscious acensionSome of us, tend to keep repeating the same childhood traumas and fears. This includes emotional patterns, throughout our lives. Our personality and unconscious inner child keep us locked down.

This prison of beliefs and emotions limits our life. We never leave our prison to experience freedom.

Conscious Ascension involves recognizing and mastering your critical thoughts, fears, unhappiness and traumas. We can live in a higher ever evolving state of feeling better with less suffering. This may be momentary at the beginning.

How Do We Experience this Shift?

Striving for higher consciousness requires three actions. First your own efforts, spiritual practices and meditation – 25%. Second, spiritual teachers, other people’s assistance and study – 25%. Third, complete surrender to Divine Grace – 50%. Adapted from quote from Yogananda


Within our personality psyche lives our inner child. This child, as a remanent of our childhood, wants it’s needs satisfied now. The child has a constant hunger for being loved, seen and heard. Many of us remain unconscious of this child and its needs.

Why do we encounter so many difficulties? We have dreams of being different: happy; prosperous and successful. Why do our dreams never manifest? The reason lies with our unconscious inner child. Our inner child has taken control.

We, as adults, have the power of controlling our lives. Like driving a car, as adults, we should be in the drivers’ seat. Instead our child jumps into to the drivers’ position. With little life experience, the child drives. Our child, with its need for immediate gratification thus, runs our lives.

Our child desires to feel better about “ME.” The “ME” wants benefits for itself now. The “ME’s” thoughts center around what can it get for itself now. It wants recognition/love now. The “ME” wants immediate satisfaction for food, sex, approval, alcohol, drugs etc. now.

AWARENESS of the Personality “ME”

Quieting our inner “ME” involves a shift in awareness/attention/focus.

This requires a shift from an outer focus of constant acquiring more stuff and money. It means we look inside and pay attention to body sensations. We also pay attention to our thoughts, as a silent witness. Meditation, yoga, chi- gong, being in and enjoying nature or going to the beach etc. can assist.Also read

We choose to connect to our Higher Self, our Soul, the Divine, Creation etc. by intent or prayer. It requires daily practice, over time.

ACCEPTANCE: Conscious Ascension

Acceptance requires developing our abilities to notice our thoughts, emotions and feelings. This involves developing the skill to notice sensations in our physical body.

EMBRACING: Conscious Ascension

Embracing involves staying present with what occurs within us. We inwardly ask our inner child what it is feeling. Imagine you see, feel or hear this child. Rely on the first impressions you receive. For example, the child may look or feel angry. Invite it to come into your arms. Hold and embrace him/her as you would hold a small child. Coax the child to take a deep breath with you all the way from your belly. Take this breath all the way from the top of your head/crown. Then down through your body and feet into the center/heart of the Earth. Then bring the breath up and send it all the way to your Higher Self or Divine. Do this 3 times.

Next article describes the importance of complete surrender to Divine Grace

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