July 24, 2024
Divine Archetypes

Men How to Unlock Your Divine Masculine Archetypes

divine masculine

Moore and Gillette identify four archetypes of Divine Masculine Archetypes from myth and literature: the Lover, brimming with vitality and sensitivity; the Magician, guider of the processes of inner and outer transformation; the selfless and wise King identified with Adam or primordial man; and the Warrior, whose energies often go awry in destructive activity. Publisher Weekly Review King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette

What is a Divine Masculine Archetype?

divine masculine archetypesAn archetype consists of psychological and emotional qualities of thought and behavior. Divine Masculine Archetypes exhibits the best and highest expression of these energies in a man.

Women what type of divine masculine archetypes do you see in the men around you? Women you also carry within your psyche divine masculine archetypes energies.

What Four Main Divine Masculine Archetypes Do Men Possess?

1. King/Leader: Qualities – benevolent, calm, intelligent, right action, selfless, stable, wise.

2. Lover: Qualities – appreciates beauty, connected to others, joy, in his body, passionate, sensitive to others.

3. Magician: Qualities –intellectually curious, mediator, possesses some manual skills, reflective

4. Warrior: Qualities – clarity of thought, decisive, disciplined, knows himself, loyal, protector, selfless service.

How do We Develop the Four Divine Masculine Archetypes to Become a More Mature Man?

A more mature man has greater confidence and a sense of life purpose in selfless service to others.

divine archetypes kingKing/Leader: Selfless & Wise – Incorporates the Lover, Magician, and Warrior

  • Be Decisive
  • Become a Mentor
  • Develop a Life Plan
  • Develop Traits of Leadership 
  • Establish Core Values
  • Find a Mentor
  • Live With Integrity

divine archetypes loverLover: Passionate About Life & Sensitive

  • Find a Hobby to be Passionate about
  • Learn How to Fully Experience Life in the Moment with all your Senses
  • Seek Knowledge which Fires your Imagination & Inspiration
  • Spend Time Outdoors Alone Connecting to Nature & Yourself
  • Take Time Enjoying Healthy Pleasures
  • Take Time for Romance

divine archetypes magicianMagician: Master of Inner and Outer Transformation

  • Becomes a Mentor
  • Commits to Lifelong Learning
  • Creates Sacred Space for Alone Time
  • Finds Identify through Creating
  • Learns some Manual Skills
  • Meditates to Develop Focus & Release Stress
  • Takes Part in Rites of Passage

divine archetypes warriorWarrior: To Dare and Fight for a Noble Cause

  • Be Decisive
  • Discover your Core Values
  • Discover your Principles
  • Find a Purpose in Life
  • Learn a Martial Art
  • Strengthen Disciple through Daily Routines

What qualities do you have already in the four divine masculine archetypes?

What divine masculine archetypes qualities would you like to develop? Asking and finding solutions to the following questions that apply will assist your development.

King/Leader: Where can I be of greater service?

Lover: Does my inner child/little boy need to be seen and loved?

Magician: Where am I stuck emotionally in my life?

Warrior: What action(s) do I need to take?




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