Emotional and Spiritual Healing for Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children and Adults

Michael has experience with the New Children and Adults, as well as Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) & Empaths. HSP’s include the New Children and Adults also know as Indigo’s, Crystals, Rainbows, Sun Children and Starseeds. He is a Self-Help Mentor, Energy Healer and Intuitive. Michael will teach the New Children, parents, grandparents and other teachers. Teaching will be through articles, online teaching and retreats in Sedona Arizona. Teaching includes accepting being unique, being confident in expressing, and boundary setting. Instruction also involves clarifying and using special abilities and clearing other people’s energies. They will learn how to deal with emotional challenges and sensitivities. Other areas focus on expression of creativity, feeling different, and managing energy etc. The New Children will be given an opportunity to recognize and use their gifts to fulfill their Earth missions. These New Children bring massive paradigm shifts for the good of the Earth and all humanity.

Emotional and Spiritual Healing