New Children - New Humans

Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Sun Children and Starseeds

Starseeds, as an overall term, first described Indigo children. It also depicts Crystal, Rainbow and Sun children. Indigo’s starting coming around the 1950’s.These New Children/Humans will assist humanity to evolve into a higher frequency. This also includes the Earth’s evolution. These children carry divine codes and wisdom within their souls. Inherent soul gifts which need nurturing from birth. In fact, these New Humans need help from the mother, as well as energy clearing while in the womb. I have found this true particularly for Sun Children being born 2012 onward. They possess creativity beyond our present imagination. Einstein stated, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” These New Humans will create the new; a new world with harmony, peace and Unity. They refuse to follow the self-destructive ways of the old matrix of present humanity.These New Children have many powerful extra sensory gifts beyond the ordinary human. They intuit who you are, your energy and your hidden motives. They feel, know and see you; it is futile to lie or hide anything from them.Finally, the New Human Children have advanced DNA. They will anchor the original Adam Kadmon body and frequency. This body represents the original perfected state of our DNA. This Adam Kadmon connects us with the Divine Will of God. In conclusion, we all, in our willingness to be on this planet now, signed up to assist these New Children. This requires recognizing and healing the patterns of separation within ourselves.