July 24, 2024
Inner Child Healing

4 Steps: How To Heal From Childhood Traumas

heal trauma
heal traumaAs an adult we experience ongoing trauma’s. Do you take on others energies and emotions?


  • Rather Than Blame – Learn How to Go Inside Yourself
  • Take Active Steps Sensing Inner Feeling to Decrease Suffering
  • Be the Parent Now – Discipline Inner Child (No longer allow child to be in driver’s seat)
  • Trauma’s May be From Many Lifetimes – Go to Core Lifetime
  • Forgive Your Parents. (Most times they did best they could – they received trauma from their parents)
  • CHOICE – We Always Have Choice. (We can choose lower or higher frequency of energy)
  • As an Adult, Focus on Gratitude (Good things in your life)

Healing Childhood Traumas:

  • Do you believe in angels or a Higher Power/Self? Spiritually you may believe/know You are a Spark of the Divine within your Heart.
  •  Choose to give over your traumas in our body to the Divine/God
  •  Honor Yourself. Open and Accept Receiving Rather Than Always Giving. (Notice if you have challenges giving or receiving for yourself)
  •  Connect with Your “I AM” Divine Spark by Intent
  •  With your Breath, Breathe the Divine Energy Down to top of your Head/Crown Chakra
  •  As you Feel/Sense Stuck Energy, Keep Breathing Until Chakra Opens
  •  Now Continue Breathing Down Each Chakra Until It Opens. (Middle of Head/3rd Eye – Throat – Middle of Chest/Heart. Solar Plexus/Stomach – 2cd Chakra/Below belly button. 1st Chakra/Tailbone) Take Your Time
  •  Continue Breathing Down Thighs, Calves and Feet and Below Feet into the Earth. Now Send Breath all the Way into the Center of the Core of the Earth. When You Feel/Sense the Center, Breath, Will Come Back Up, Through Your Body and Back to the Divine. Then the Energy Moves Up and Down Through the Body
Chakra Dhyana Guided meditation to open chakras from 1 to 7 https://youtu.be/S2OHQAtonu4

Healing Inner Child Traumas:

  • Invite Your Child When You First Start Breathing into Your Crown.
  •  See/Feel if inner child is ready to hear/receive instruction. Invite child to look through the eyes of the Divine. Does your child trust you as the adult.
  •  When You First Breath into Top of Your Head, Connect with Your Child Below the Belly Button. Speak inwardly with Your Child. Invite Her/Him to Climb up Your Body to Above Your Head to 8th Chakra. 8th Chakra is About a Vertical Hands Width Above Your Head. Tell Your Child There is a Tree House They Can Climb into and Sit with Their Feet Tucked Up. They Can Relax. When the Child is Ready, They Can Taste the Divine Energy. Be Aware of the Child. They Like to Fall Back into the Belly. Keep Encouraging Them to climb back to the Tree House.
  •  When the child connects with the Divine, then Divine Grace comes in to heal both child and adult trauma’s.
Note: With any healing – always tested soon after – see if learned lesson. I have experienced that we all come in with certain life lessons to learn. The lessons keep jumping in front of our faces. This occurs until we choose to begin to learn the teaching. Lessons have many layers like an onion. May take most of our life to learn.
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    Michael David Lawrience has been an Energy Healer for over 40 years. Also a Bowenwork Practitioner since 2005. Michael David has decades of practical experience. with Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Crystal, Rainbow and Starseed children.

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