May 21, 2024
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How to Transcend Ego? Gifts Beyond Ego: Spiritual Awakening and Realization

transcend ego

transcend ego

How can we transcend ego?

To lessen suffering, overcoming ego is imperative. Eckhart Tolle

Transcend Ego Based Mind

Ego separates us. It gives us a sense of identity. As individuals, we believe ourselves alone and separate. We strive to survive in a hostile world. We never consider we might transcend ego.

Our parents and society ingrain us from an early age. We cope the best

 we know how. So, we live our life from birth to death with fixed beliefs and emotions.

We may, yet, have a parent, grandparent or mentor or teacher. They teach us at a young age about the beauty of life.

At some point, healing, shamanism or other spiritual training draws us.

Even more, we take part in inner experiences beyond ego-based thinking. This could be through recreational drugs or meditation. It might a near death experience “NDE” that shows us other dimensions. NDE people encounter feeling a connection with the whole universe. They bath in a love beyond words.

They contact something greater: God; the Divine. Maybe they call it other names like Creator or a Higher Power. They become seekers, spiritual rather than religious or non-believers. Then they begin to transcend ego.

We begin to Awaken from misery, depression or our former safe life. Our old friends no longer recognize us. They disappear like windblown leaves.

Awaken: Transcend Ego Left Brain

We begin a new journey.

We gain freedom. We escape the prison cells of our left-brain logical thinking. When needed, we still have our left brain to do practical tasks. Yet, we no longer have constant critical thoughts running us.

We experience right brain expanded thought. This include

s other dimensional realties.

We enjoy the life-giving quality of nature or animals feeling a greater connection.

When the mind is imbalanced, it’s hard to perceive the truth about any situation. Balance your mind by being in the present. Meditate, breathe deeply, and ground yourself into the present moment.

Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

What is Spiritual Awakening

When we transcend ego, we may experience Awakening or even Self-Realization.

Spiritual Awakening involves a physical change in our brains. Some people who visited Oneness University in India experienced this brain change. They took many courses. At some point, at the course or when they returned home a shift occurred. After that it took months or years for the shift to continue.

Christian Opitz, Neurophysicist, measured some people’s brain patterns at Oneness University India.

At first, I examined several participants of the 10-day deepening course. They had already gone through the 21-day course several months earlier. All showed … A greatly decreased level of activity in the parietal lobes. Also enhanced activity in the frontal lobes, with a dominance of the left frontal lobe.”

With Spiritual Awakening, we begin living in the present moment more and more.

The Awakened One Responds from the heart. The Unawakened one reacts from the head – Sri Bhagavan, Oneness University

What is Self-Realization/Enlightenment?

With Awakening, after many years, we may experience the beginnings of Realization. With Realization we feel being part of the collective humanity. We feel Oneness with humanity, nature and all life.

Our minds shift to our hearts. We become heart centered. Our love extends beyond ourselves to loving all life. We dedicate our lives to service for the good of all humanity. Someone who has entered Realization has a sense of unity with the Divine.

Our minds can never create Awakening or Enlightenment. Neither can force of personal will make it happen.

If destined for us, both Awakening and Enlightenment occur in their own timing. It is quicker for some and slower for others. With Awakening we can fall out of it. This occurs if we allow our left brain or emotional reactions to again run our lives.

Remember, awakening or enlightenment is not a destination. It is only a journey, it’s a process, it’s a never-ending process.” Sri Bhagavan, Oneness University

What type of experiences have you had?

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