June 18, 2024
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4 Ego Personality Mind States: Compare Resistant Ego to Attitude Thriving Now

ego personality

What is Ego Personality?

Overview of Personality

ego personality

Is your mind in constant thought? Do you believe every thought? This is your personality ego.

  1. No ego exists apart from thoughts in your mind. Furthermore, this mind has been completely conditioned from past childhood traumas and emotional wounds.
  2. Your ego attaches to these thoughts. In other words, you identify who you are as the sum of your thoughts. I am good or bad. Or I am miserable. I am never good enough.
  3. Your ego/thoughts operate like a dysfunctional vehicle. Imagine a 5-year-old child, with no training, driving a car. The car would jerk about, stopping and starting. It would be bumping around not knowing what to do. If you sat in the back-seat, stress and upset would be your daily experience.
  4. Did you know your ego lives in a state of constant lack? The ego always wants more. It craves more food, drugs, fame, fun, money or sex etc. Like a bottomless black hole, more is never enough.

More About Ego Personality

Our ego develops as a child. As we get older it becomes dominant. We identify with it.

It is our mind, our thoughts. We are constantly thinking. The ego is who we are.

We believe our thoughts are who we are. Moreover, we identify with these thoughts. Our mind is backed up by how we feel and by our emotional states.

We know no difference. These constant thoughts and our predominant feeling states are what we call the ego; the I, the me.

This me is what we identify as “who I am.” I am a male or female. I am young or I am old.

Our ego is “e” – energy; “go” on the go. It is constantly active; never silent from the time we wake up until we go to sleep. Sometimes we can’t even sleep. The mind keeps us from sleeping. We know this as stress, unease and worry.

During the day we seldom get any rest either. It keeps us constantly doing from dawn to dusk. We are preoccupied with the past about what we did wrong or the future about what bad might happened.

Personality Programming

Our ego mind believes what our parents have told us. This maybe we are good or bad. We are lovable or not. A big belief is we are not enough. We are deficit or defective in some or many ways.

School and religion further program the childhood beliefs and feelings we have about ourselves. School tells us we are smart or ignorant. Religion tells us we sinners or saints. We will go to hell or heaven. Hell is the past – the misery of our childhoods. Heaven is the future of a paradise; however, we will have to wait.

We get have relationships and get married at some point. All our beliefs and feelings about ourselves get triggered in the mirrors of relationship. We suffer more as our mind tells us all the bad things; we knew for certain as truth.

Summary of Ego Personality

So, we live in the hell of the past and dream about the future being better. We strive doing to get out of the misery of the past. It seems like our life will never change. As a result, we hate our jobs, we hate our bosses, we hate our mates and we hate our lives. Life is a struggle of always doing, surviving the best we know how. At some point, we get exhausted and just want to give up. Depression lingers within. We may even contemplate suicide, as an exit.

Our mind, thinking runs our life like a dictator. We live stuck with all the thoughts we believe to be true about ourselves. We believe no way exists out of the prison of our thoughts.

When someone criticizes or blames you what can you do? Retaliate or defend? Rather Do Nothing. Then your ego shrinks. You may feel something greater hidden underneath. Paraphrased from Eckhart Tolle, Spiritual author

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