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What is the Difference Between a Subpersonality and a Multiple Personality?


Subpersonalitysubpersonalities and multiple personality

A subpersonality consists of a part of ourselves, a sub self. Each differs from all the others. We could think of them as a number of separate small “I’s.” Each of our subpersonalities has a unique separate identity which we become aware of.

What subpersonalities live within you?

Our critical inner self differs from our caretaker self which differs from the powerless childlike self. We, however, remain conscious when some of our sub selves take us over and run our lives for a brief period. Afterwards, we come back to a sense of our main personality identity.

There exist, however, some of our subpersonalities which remain unconscious to us and also dysfunctional i.e. unhealthy. All our subpersonalities rob us of power, life force, and happiness.

If we choose, we can learn how to identify, dissolve and heal, and also to integrate our subpersonalities into a more healthy main identity.

subpersonalities and multiple personalityLet us now consider the multiple personality. A multiple personality has a presence of at least two distinct identities. An alter or multiple can take control of consciousness without the main identity or another multiple being aware of the takeover. Thus, the main personality usually experiences a state of amnesia. Even some of the multiples may be unaware of the others.

People with multiple personalities can have a poor self-identity; they have little sense of who they are.

In the classic case, the 3 Faces of Eve, Eve White functioned as a timid house wife while Eve Black enjoyed a fun loving life. Eve White had no awareness of Eve Black who, however, knew of Eve White.

    Subpersonality             versus                                   Multiple Personality

Person aware of some sub selves, unaware of othersMost multiples unaware of others
Some awareness of takeoverNever aware of takeover
Conscious when sub self presentAmnesia or blackout
Many subpersonalities up to 10 or moreAt least 2 distinct multiples
Cause – childhood traumaCause – severe childhood trauma – physical, emotional, or sexual abuse
May be a way of coping with traumaMay be a way of coping with trauma
Different fragments of main personality Unique brain waves, name, memories, abilities, & biology
Usually some core identityUsually weak core identity

subpersonalityEven though we consider ourselves as one person, we experience ourselves inside as a number of different people. Sometimes we act like two different people arguing, I want that dessert, No, I know it’s no good for me.

These conflicts sometimes make our lives unmanageable like for instance addictions.

So what is the difference between a subpersonality and a multiple personality? Consider it a matter of degree. Most people have some awareness of their personal identify. A subpersonality or a mood may take them over or two parts conflict, yet the person keeps their awareness of these parts.

On the other hand, with a multiple personality disorder the person loses awareness of their identity. Each multiple personality acts as a separate being. Healing and integration become a challenge.

How Do We Heal Subpersonalities?

 https://www.emotionalhealthtips.com/overcoming-subpersonalities//, I related my experience of receiving healing for one of my subpersonalities.

https://www.emotionalhealthtips.com/meditation-sub-personalities// , I described a meditation for beginning discovering your subpersonalities.

 https://www.emotionalhealthtips.com/steps-heal-subpersonalities// , I showed how an Energy Healer, familiar with subpersonalities can assist you in healing.





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