June 18, 2024

8 Helpful Steps How To Heal Your Subpersonalities?



energy healingWe create subpersonalities to handle trauma in childhood. Parts of our identity fragment – split off. When a situation or person emotionally triggers us, we react emotionally as the trauma reemerges. Then a subpersonality takes charge and runs our life.

Have you ever felt a childlike vulnerability or experienced a critical voice dominating your thoughts? Do you have a pattern which takes over your life like being an over achiever, a caretaker, a rebel or feeling insecure? Welcome to some of your subpersonalities.

discover subpersonalitiesMany different sub selves/subpersonalities live within each of us. Each has its own feelings, moods, and needs. They form at different ages as a result of childhood trauma to protect us. We all know people who have characteristic moods and patterns that keep recurring over and over. These patterns cut off healthy communication and prevent conflict resolution in relationships.

Each subpersonality diminishes our true identify – our inner center of being, purpose, and strength – beyond any outer images or subpersonalities.

God SelfThe spiritual avatar of Awakening into Oneness, Amma Bhagavan, of the Oneness University in India says, Most people have at least ten subpersonalities. Our passage into Spiritual Awakening requires bringing all our subpersonalities into one – the God within Us.

The following describes one method of receiving assistance healing subpersonalities as used by a Core Energetic Healer, Lyn O’Hara with her clients. Other energy healers may be interested in this method.

Lyn acts as a facilitator holding a strong focus of energy in alignment with the Divine/God. She asks certain questions to guide you through emotional challenges or fears as they emerge. You as the client always have the choice and power to take the next step through the challenges that have limited you in the past.

Note: Understand the following steps only give somewhat of a road map. Describing healing a subpersonality can’t be done well through words or mental understanding. The Divine goes the healing. It needs to be experienced and differs for each individual and for each healing session.

You may choose to be guided through the following steps with the assistance of Lyn or another professional healer.

You may feel unhappy about some issue in your life, e.g., relationships, work, limited finances etc.

Healing Your Subpersonalities

discover your subpersonalitiesStep 1 – Feel the subpersonality. Remember a time when you experienced a strong emotional reaction. Feel the intensity of that emotion. You may also after going through steps 2 and 3 proceed to step 4 rather than starting with step 1.

Step 2 – Connect with your heart chakra in the center of your chest.

Step 3 – Inwardly call forth your God Self – the spark of God within your heart chakra. Breathe in an alignment with your God Self – for instance the peace in your heart.

Step 4 – Imagine looking from this alignment in your heart. See where in your body you feel the limitation in your life or feel depressed, angry, helpless, or abandoned etc. This feeling, if it has repeated over and over in your life, connects to a subpersonality.

Step 5 – Recognize the feeling and give your subpersonality a voice if it wants to speak.It can be depression, anger, frustration, or the powerless inner child etc.

Step 6 – Be present and experience the sensations in your body and chakra where the subpersonality lives. It has been sucking on your life force like a vampire.

Your subpersonality will make an effort to merge with you and took over.

discover your subpersonalitiesBe aware of the importance of staying centered in your heart. Stay centered and be an objective observer watching without any reaction or attachment to this subpersonality part of yourself.

Being present, willing to hold steady and desiring to go through the pattern of your subpersonality requires courage and perseverance. The pain and trauma will rear up in your face.

You will feel the pain intensely. This is one reason to have a professional healer assist. It can be extremely difficult to go through the experience on your own.

Note: If you choose to heal your subpersonalities on your own find a friend or someone who can assist. Have them hold an objective neutral space for you. It isn’t about fixing you or making you feel better.

Many times our emotions and thoughts represent subpersonalities and we have no awareness of this. A clue to a subpersonality shows up if we notice we want to blame others for how we feel.

The more pain and trauma we have experienced in our lives, the more subpersonalities live within us.

Step 7 – Invite you subpersonality to know God. Repeat inwardly the mantra, I am God in the body. Chanting into the chakra will help you. Your subpersonality lives in the chakra. 

discover your subpersonalitiesBy connecting with our God Self, our subpersonalities integrate rather continuing to take charge of our lives. The negative energy bound up in them will dissolve. Our childhood pain and trauma heals.

At some point you may become aware of a belief or beliefs connected with the subpersonality such as I am never good enough or I am powerless (to change the situation) etc.

Step 8 – You will be tested in your everyday life to see if the subpersonality emerges again. When this occurs repeat steps 2 – 7 when you have time.

Daily Meditation Practice:At night before going to bed and you can also do this at any time during the day or throughout the day repeat I am God in the body. Our God Self is the highest aspect of our true identity – our spiritual self.

Focus and connect with your heart chakra – the center of your chest. Keep repeating I am God in the body. If you like you can memorize and keep in mind the steps 2- 6. Once you experience a subpersonality and it dissolves you go to the next chakra in this order: chakra 3, 2, 1. When over time you have done this then come back to the heart chakra and then chakra 5, 6, and finally 7.

In part 1, How to Discover the Subpersonalities Running Your Life?

In part 2, I described a meditation for beginning discovering your subpersonalities.



Energy Healing https://www.emotionalhealthtips.com/core-energetic-healing/



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