July 24, 2024

How to Discover the Subpersonalities Running Your Life?


What are Subpersonalities?

Have you ever felt a childlike vulnerability or experienced a critical voice inside of you which dominated your consciousness? Welcome to some of your subpersonalities.

Many different selves/subpersonalities live within each of us. Each has its own feelings and thoughts. They form at different ages as a result of life experiences to protect us. You may have experienced the people pleaser, the wounded inner child, or the critic at times as some examples of subpersonalities.

SubpersonalitiesDo you want to find ways of working with your subpersonalities?

For two-thirds of my life I believed something to be inherently wrong with me. In early 2012, I experienced a healing of a major subpersonality with the assistance of a gifted Core Energetic Healer, Lyn O’Hara. She facilitated the identification and integration of the subpersonality.

At the beginning of the session I felt tension in my chest. Lyn asked, Where did the subpersonality enter my body?

At first I had no clue. Then I got a sense of it being the first chakra, in the gonads. In a male power enters this area. Depression and a feeling of powerlessness had pervaded most of my life. Under the depression lurked the feeling of powerlessness, being a victim, having no choice, and rage at the injustices in the Western world.

I had no idea of the nature of the subpersonality. I continued to experience and focus on the tension in my chest and with no sense of anything in my gonads.

Exploring a Subpersonality

Lyn suggested some things for me to do. First she said to connect with my Divine/Higher/True Self. I then asked my Divine Self to come into my heart chakra. Lyn told me to hold the subpersonality in my heart chakra. She told me to stay in my Observer Self i.e. my Divine Self being present as an impartial watcher of the unfolding events.

3-fold-flameLyn said, Your subpersonality will expand – get bigger, and then it will contact, disappear, and hide out in a cave.

After Lyn spoke I sensed coldness in my chest.

Lyn gave me direction again. Continue to hold your subpersonality like loving a baby doing nothing else. Keep the perspective of the observer.

I felt energy moving for the first time in my gonads.

Lyn said. I see your father coming in asking for forgiveness.

My father, an alcoholic, had passed over some 35 years ago. He had lived in great unexpressed emotional pain and shut himself off from everyone, including me.

I sensed my father standing before me as a gentle sensitive man I had never known. Sadness overwhelmed me and I offered him my forgiveness. As a child I felt the love of my mother, even though she had no skills to express it. I yearned for my father’s presence as he remained walled off and emotionally distant.

Lyn Continued

working with subpersonalitiesLyn explained. A child abandoned believes it did something wrong. Every subpersonality has a thought form attached to it. What is your thought form?

I connected with my intuition. The thought came, I am not enough/not good enough. I had believed this false thought for much of my life.

Lyn clarified the situation. This experience with your father and the unconscious thought created a rift, pain which created a part of you to split off – fragment into a separate subpersonality. We all need assistance from a professional to identify and heal subpersonalities.

Lyn said, Subpersonalities can never be healed through the use of our minds. We will never heal a subpersonality by understanding it or thinking it through. Our minds only create more separation.

Healing a Subpersonality

· First the subpersonality needs to be separated out from all parts of our body.

· Second we heal a subpersonality by calling forth our Divine Self through intent or prayer.

· Third be present and experience the sensations of where the subpersonality resides in your body.

· Fourthly focus into the Divine spark in your heart.

· Fifth breathe into the subpersonality, be with it, and let any thoughts that emerge wanting to interfere fall away.

· Sixth you will be tested in your everyday world. When a subpersonality emerges into your awareness practice steps 1 to 5.

Are you ready to identify, feel, and heal your subpersonalities?

· Find an energy healer who has experience with subpersonalities. https://www.emotionalhealthtips.com/core-energetic-healing/

· Find a therapist who understands subpersonalities and heals from the heart.

· Meditation will assist identifying subpersonalities. Focus each day on Divine Spark in your heart chakra – the middle of your chest. Breathe into your heart, be with the sensations there, and let any thoughts that arise fall away and came back to the spark in your heart. Do this as often as possible to discover your subpersonalities.





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    Michael David Lawrience has been an Energy Healer for over 40 years. Also a Bowenwork Practitioner since 2005. Michael David has decades of practical experience. with Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Crystal, Rainbow and Starseed children.

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