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Awakening: End of the World: December 21, 2012?

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Awakening- Will the end of the world happen on December 21, 2012?


The public has been given a doomsday scenario of cataclysm and doom, possibly even the end of all life on the earth. Given humanities focus on war and violence for the last 5000 years, this would explain this fear and negative mindset.

The New Age community believes every one of the Light will ascend into the 5th dimension where all earthly problems will disappear.

Mayan Elders like Hunbatz Men sees the end of a cycle of 5025 years.

Hindu sages forecast the end of a 5270 year of the Kali Yuga or Age of Darkness.

What do you believe?

Hunbatz Men tells us that another cycle of the Mayan calendar begins on December 22, 2012.

E. C. Krupp, Director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles concurs with the Mayans based on astronomical evidence. What did the Maya themselves think about End Times? There is no evidence that they saw the calendar and a world age ending in either transcendence or catastrophe on December 21, 2012.

The Hindus envision December 21, 2012 as the beginning of the Satya Yuga, the Age of Truth or a Golden Age for humanity.

AwakeningA Hindu Avatar Sri Amma Bhagavan since 1989 has dedicated himself to alleviating the suffering created by humanities sense of separation. As an Avatar of Enlightenment his goal encompassed a major leap in humanity’s spiritual journey through their spiritual Awakening.

This Awakening of all humanity requires a critical mass of 70,000 awakened humans by December 21, 2012.

This critical mass has been reached as of October 21, 2012 as 114,000 people have awakened around the world as reported by the Oneness University in India. More people will awaken also in the months of November and December.

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Awakening represents a physical change in our brains. Sri Amma Bhagavan says with Awakening, There is an activation of the frontal lobes, and a deactivation of the parietal lobes. An electrical transmission of divine energy results in neurobiological changes in the brain leading to states of Awakening.

This permanent change in the hardware of our brains dissolves our illusion of feeling separation from every one. Sri Amma Bhagavan says, Seeing without the interference of the mind is Awakening.

Christian Opitz a Neurophysicist confirms the above change in the brain for Awakening to manifest. To paraphrase Opitz, Sri Amma Bhagavan has expanded knowledge about the role of the brain in spiritual transformation. The deeksha or energy transmission that lies at the heart of the practical side of his teaching brings about a permanent change in actual neurological patterns. This can be confirmed with the most advanced findings in physics and neuroscience.

Awakening: Why is December 21, 2012 important?

On December 21, 2-2012 our sun completes a 26,000 year orbit around our Central Sun, Alcyone. Alcyone in Pleiades at the same time completes an orbit which takes millions of years around the Great Central Sun Sirius.

1. Our sun will align with the Galactic Center of our Milky Way.

2. Alcyone, Sirius, and the Galactic Center will form a triangular formation.

Center of GalaxyOur solar system is now on the verge of crossing the Milky Way’s plane of the ecliptic. It will cross in the year 2012. At this point the gravitational influence of the super-massive Black Hole will be at its maximum Jiro Olcottm, scientist and engineer.

When cosmic events like this happen, together, massive energies pour through our sun creating major evolutionary changes on the earth.

What will happen after December 21?

I believe on Dec 22 we will awaken to the same physical world. What will be different is a gateway into higher consciousness will be available to all.

That said it is wise to perhaps disregard the New Age position which suggests suddenly every person on Earth will automatically become fully enlightened spiritual beings, ready to embrace a world of spiritual concerns, peace and compassion. Even when one becomes Awakened we still face life’s challenges.

According to Sri Amma Bhagavan what changes is our reaction to our challenges. Once our mind quiets our emotional reactions gradually over time shorten in length. We move beyond the highs and lows, pain and suffering of life.

So is it the end of the world on December 21, 2012?

I would say No!

It may be the end of the world as we know it in our present consciousness. It is an opportunity for a Golden Age of personal transformation within and for the earth.

Sri Amma Bhagavan says, By 2035 most of humanity will be Awakened.

Meditation Tips for December 21, 2012:

1. With a group of at least 3 people, if possible, focus on aligning with the Galactic Center.

2. The Mayans suggest meditating in front of the sun. In meditation and prayer ask for a better humanity in the new cycle.

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