June 17, 2024
Spiritual Awakening

Will You Join the Emerging Planetary Awakening?


AmmaBhagavanThe Avatar Sri Bhagavan founder of the Oneness University in India holds the planetary focus for spiritual planetary awakening. Sri Bhagavan as an Avatar of Awakening aids humanity into its next phase of evolution.

How can you choose to be a part of this evolution? You can receive regular Oneness Blessings from blessing givers in your community. This is one method.

The Oneness Blessing initiates a shift in your brain which reduces activity in the right parietal area. It also increases activity in the right portion of the frontal lobe. In other words, energy shifts from overactive thinking to a calming effect.

The Oneness Blessing provides a doorway for you to experience reality without it getting filtered through your everyday mind. This has been referred to in spiritual enlightenment as your natural state of being.

Spiritual Planetary Awakening

Oneness Blessings begin a process that gives rise to the direct perception and experience of oneness with all life.

spiritual awakeningThe Blessings strengthen your connection to the divine. When you can surrender completely to the reality of “what is” in your life then Divine Grace can give you a spiritual awakening experience. You begin flowing with all life around you. You begin to become free from the continuous judgments of your mind. Emotional events have less effect on you.

Since 2003 Sri Bhagavan has taught the public from around the world who attend the Oneness University, as well as dasas, guides at the Oneness University, how to give Oneness Blessings or Deeksha to begin the awakening in individuals.

Arjuna Ardagh, Awakening into Oneness, describes the Oneness Blessing as a transfer of Divine Energy from one person to another. The Blessing can be given by touch, through the eyes, or through the power of intention, resulting in healing, peace, and overall well-being.

How many people does it take for Planetary Evolution?

spiritual Planetary AwakeningQuantum physicist, John Hagelin, verifies that 8000 highly vibrational meditators calculated after years of research on the effects of meditation, as the minimum number of people necessary to affect the fields of human consciousness worldwide and trigger a paradigm shift, the phenomenon of spiritual awakening. Every individual, awakening into oneness automatically affects a few more thousand people.

The vision of Sri Bhagavan involves at least 1% of the world’s population – 70,000 people – by the year 2012 awakening. The power generated would equal to 70,000 into 70,000. That force would push the rest of humanity gradually into higher states of consciousness where finally by 2035 most people awaken, according to Sri Bhagavan.

Do you choose to be part of the Spiritual Awakened shifting human collective consciousness into planetary enlightenment?


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