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Spiritual Awakening

Revealing Unique Signs of Spiritual Awakening


10 tips spiritual awakening

What is Spiritual Awakening as it relates to top 10 tips Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening means dissolving of one’s self as a separate being. It refers to a growing awareness of reality, lived fully moment to moment.

Why is Awakening occurring at this time? It happens because of a rapid evolution caused for the first time in human history. Cosmic energies through our sun have speeded up evolution since 1999.

How many types of Spiritual Awakening can occur? The world population of about seven billion people, like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream of many flavors, can experience many flavors of Awakening. In other words, each of the seven billion people will have a different flavor or unique type of Awakening.

The root cause of all suffering is the sense of separate existence. Amma Bhagavan

What major signs indicate a Spiritual Awakening for you?

Major Signs of Spiritual Awakening

10 tips spiritual awakening1. Physical Body Changes: Have you felt a desire to eat better or exercise more? Our bodies challenged by higher energies flooding the planet need to adapt to these energies and shift to a higher frequency of functioning. You may feel more aches and pains then usual when you wake up in the morning. The new energies amplify whatever we carry in our bodies related to our thoughts and emotions. For instance, you may feel more fatigued than you did a few years ago. So to assist your body to integrate the new energies it needs an upgrade to a higher quality of food like organics and more exercise to open the body to greater flexibility and flow.

2. Sleep Patterns Change: Do you need more rest then usual? You may wake up more during the night, dream more. Twenty or thirty minutes of rest during the day can refresh you for awhile. You may also need to nap throughout the day, if your schedule allows for this. Some times, even, you may need to spend part or most of the day in bed.

10 tips spiritual awakening3. Body Energy Sensations: Have you experienced unusual body sensations like pressure on top of your head, tingling on your scalp, movements of energy inside your body or your heart chakra ? Unfamiliar sensations between your eyebrows or in the middle of your forehead can indicate the opening of your third eye or clairvoyant center. Pain, heat or cold, or energy anywhere in your body can feel like a flowing sensation or a rush.

4. Flashes of Inspiration/Creativity: Have you received flashes of inspiration or spurts of creativity? You may become aware of subtler energies, see inner images or colors. Your intuition may be stronger. You may have a direct knowing of something, a sense when something is right, or shivers through your body indicating the truth of something.

5. Old Emotional Patterns Resurface: Have emotional issues you thought healed reappeared again? To “awaken” requires emotional cleansing and healing of the deepest unconscious. It requires healing of all limiting benefits, images, and memories at the DNA cellular levels. Amma Bhagavan says that when our emotional reactions to people or events decrease to 30 minutes, then 25, 20, 15, 10, 5,4, 3, 2, 1 and finally zero minutes this indicates the process of Awakening. When we arrive at a place of no reaction, we accept what is. We accept the reality of what is whether it is pleasurable or painful.

10 tips spiritual awakening6. Increased Waves of Emotion: Do you feel surges of emotions like sadness, anger, bliss, or peace for no reason? Acknowledge and allow yourself to stay present with and let the emotions be without doing anything about them.

7. Noticing Outer Signs: You may become more aware of meaning in outer symbols such as animals crossing your path or vision, shapes in the sky, or other signs. These outer signs can reflect or mirror something within you or inner changes.

8. Synchronicities: Synchronicity can be seen as a meaningful coincidence. In other words, your inner and outer experiences match up without any related reason. For example, you may think about an old friend you haven’t seen in years and he shows up or calls you. Seemingly coincidences can show up on your path of Awakening. They can be people or events showing up to support you.

10 tips spiritual awakening9. Desire for Freedom: Have you found yourself with an intense desire to break free of restrictive habits which no longer serve you? Notice the global manifestations of Arab Spring – mid Eastern countries demonstrating for release from repressive governments – or Occupy Wall Street in New York demanding change in the political and economic systems. This world wide phenomenon indicates the wave of Awakening sweeping the planet: a wave out of the suffering of separatism into oneness and unity for all people with an equal sharing of all the world’s resources.

10. Paradigm Shift in Perception: Have you ever had a shift in awareness where you saw a situation as if with new eyes and your whole attitude changed? For instance, imagine being a passenger on a bus. A father sits staring down and his three children are running around screaming. You think, that man let’s his kids run 10 tips spiritual awakeningwild.

A little while later you hear the man mention to a passenger beside him. We just came from the hospital. My wife just died.

All of a sudden instead of judging, you feel compassion and view the kids differently. They don’t know how to handle the death of their mother.

With Awakening, paradigm shifts occur the same way. For example, once something or someone who got under your skin with some behavior no longer bothers you at all. You see the person differently.

Note: We can never know with our minds the phenomenon of Awakening.

10 tips spiritual awakeningOur minds analyze, want to understand, thereby keeping us feeling separate. We can set intents, practice meditation and spiritual techniques, and most of all strengthen our connection to the Divine. Yet, we can never make Awakening happen.

When we come to a place of complete surrender, then Awakening happens by Divine Grace in its own timing.

Awakening can manifest in an instant like a flash of lightening or we may drift in and out of periods of Awakening – bliss and peace beyond emotional reactions – over a period of years before it becomes permanent.

The question presents its self: do you want to shift from suffering to feeling one with all life on the planet? If so practice some or all of the following:

Oneness Blessing1. Go to India and take a Deepening course at Amma Bhagavan’s Oneness University.

2. Receive regular Oneness Blessings from blessing givers in your community.

3. Receive a divine blessing from a Sri Murthi (a sacred picture of Amma and Bhagavan). You can also use a picture of whatever Divinity you identify with if it has been blessed by an Awakened person. 

4. Receive a divine blessing from the padukas (sacred sandals representing the feet of the Divine).

To receive any of the divine blessings ask to be awakened. Then kneel before the Sri Murthi or padukas and touch your forehead to them for a few minutes. You may have no awareness of experiencing anything or you may feel energy from these sacred objects. You may also experience an altered state of consciousness. Regardless, your connection with the Divine strengthens as you do this daily, preferably morning, evening, and before you go to bed. Ask a blessing giver in your area where you can purchase these objects or receive a picture of them.

The Oneness Blessings initiates a shift in your brain which reduces activity in the right parietal area. It also increases activity in the right portion of the frontal lobe. In other words, energy shifts from overactive thinking to a calming effect.

oneness blessingThe Oneness Blessings provides a doorway for you to experience reality without it getting filtered through your everyday mind. This has been referred to in spiritual enlightenment as your natural state of being.

Oneness Blessings begin a process that gives rise to the direct perception and experience of oneness with all life.

The Blessings strengthen your connection to the divine. When you can surrender completely to the reality of “what is” in your life then Divine Grace can give you a spiritual awakening experience. You begin flowing with all life around you. You begin to become free from the continuous judgments of your mind. Emotional events have less effect on you.

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      A fascinating article Michael, it needs a lot of time to inwardly digest and fully understand. I was interested to read about the different signs of awakening and could identify with seeing life differently and also recognize the desire to break free from restricting habits that don’t serve me

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