July 24, 2024
Inner Child Healing

How Angels Heal the Wounded Inner Child Revealing New Gifts


Heart-WallIn a previous article on Angel Healing, I described soul retrieval with the help of angels for healing your wounded inner child. This article continues that healing of our inner shadow aspect and our heart-wall with angel healing. I illustrate the method from an example of my own experience.


What is a heart-wall?

The Heart Wall acts as a barrier around our hearts made up of trapped emotions to protect us from hurt. Yet, this protection also blocks the flow into and out of our hearts.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code, estimates that 90% of people have a heart-wall of trapped emotions.

Are you ready to heal the pain of your heart-wall?

My Heart-Wall Angel Healing

angel healingThe following describes my experience. I had the assistance of a professional energy healer as well as the angels to guide me.

As I held with the Angels in angel healing, interplay began between my heart-wall and the Shadow, resulted in a feeling of agitation.

When this stage occurs, you may feel agitated. You may want to get away from this feeling. You may want to blame someone or argue with the Angels.

Keep containing and holding gently with no judgment towards your Shadow. Your Shadow like a neglected child hides stuck in darkness. It never knew what it’s like to be in the light. It lives in a Garden of Death where no life exists.

I experienced sadness and pain in areas of my body as the healing proceeded.

Then I sensed my Shadow disappearing. The Angels told me, Reconnect.

We often disconnect from whatever parts we might be containing because of lack of focus or fear. We have to be reminded by our therapist to reconnect, sometimes many times during a healing as we keep popping out – going out of body – to avoid the feelings of discomfort.

Meditation, as a discipline, develops our ability to hold a focus in this type of healing. There, however, remains a fine balance between holding a focus and surrendering to the Grace of the Angels in angel healing.

angel healingThe Angels continued guiding me. Although I never heard them directly I had a sense, a knowing, a feeling of what they said or wanted me to do.

The Angels encouraged me. Reconnect. Connect your heart and inner child to the Shadow, all parts of it in all times and dimensions. Contain all the sadness and agony of your inner child. Then a healing ground or womb can be created. Settle your mind and allow the child to go deeper into the past.

In the past you have given your energies and power away to everyone else. Now invite your inner child to receive the healing.

Breath in our sweetness into your lungs. Divine Grace comes in as the pain and the old leave. Your heart-wall dissolves as the light and darkness of the Shadow begin to flow into one other.

I answered, I feel the flow.

The Angels replied, The more we contain then the light moves into the Shadow. The Shadow dissolves into the light. Allow. You may feel peace like in meditation; your body will relax.

I felt peace, like in meditation, and my body began relaxing as the pain and sadness dissolved.

The Angels said, All pain has linking connections. Unless you allow healing to occur, the emotional pain will increase. Pain needs loving like a child in pain rather than leaving the child by themselves. Then the child has to “tough it out.”

If you fight against angel healing with your personal will, than Divine Grace has no room to enter.

Part of the fight is in our thinking – our minds. When our minds chatter away, no space exists for Divine Grace. When we learn to still our minds, this creates room for Divine Grace.

The Angels expressed their joy. Beautiful, We see your structure of pain, the heart-wall, dissolving.

A tear trickled down my right cheek. I realized I had been stuck emotionally, all my life, at the age of a five year old boy who had buried his feelings and stayed invisible in the family to survive.

With this realization, I sensed my inner child coming back home to me, maturing, and bringing with him gifts – qualities to assist others.

I thanked the Angels with gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the angel healing.

You too can call on the Grace of Angel healing at any time for healing your wounded inner child and the pain in your heart.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of “The Emotion Code” explains the underlying causes of disease, and how to get well from nearly any disease.

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    Michael David Lawrience has been an Energy Healer for over 40 years. Also a Bowenwork Practitioner since 2005. Michael David has decades of practical experience. with Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Crystal, Rainbow and Starseed children.

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