July 24, 2024

What Unique Inner Subpersonalities Challenge Your Happiness?

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The subpersonality of the Sage, Warrior and Nurturer represent the three stages of linear change: Transfiguration, transformation and transmutation. The average person goes through these stages again and again … But some portions of the insights are not gained during each stage. Thus, there are unevolved parts of us that fall behind; stay immature. Almine, Mystic and Visionary

What are Subpersonalities?

subpersonalities Subpersonalities originally formed to protect us. If we find them triggered often, then they also hinder our emotional and spiritual growth or just finding joy in our lives.

A simple way to explain subpersonalities – do you still experience different critical self-talk in your head? These voices indicate unhealed trauma or unresolved conflicts within us.

Subpersonalities act as a range of behaviors and feelings which work outside our consciousness and even against our conscious intentions. Some relate to different roles in our lives, some as a result of traumas from childhood.

Healing our subpersonalities involves balancing and then transcending them.

The following is a brief summary of the teachings of Almine, Mystic & Visionary on our subpersonalities which include our inner child, nurturer, sage and warrior.

I like Almine’s approach in contrast to known psychological methods to subpersonalities, as she sees healing them as a way to greater spiritual growth.

Almine: The Tools of the Immature Subpersonalities

Warrioress Feminine ArchetypeThe subpersonality of the Sage, Warrior and Nurturer represent the three stages of linear change.

The Inner Child uses our subconscious mind as its tool e.g., critical self-talk. Examples: Critic; Hurt Child; Invisible Child etc.

The Nurturer controls our lives through feelings by using our unconscious right brain. It focuses only on feeling good i.e., a physical life of sensuality. Examples: People Pleaser; Rescuer; Romantic etc.

The Sage or Wise Woman exerts command of inner knowing to discern what truth is. Examples: Hermit; Saint; Savior etc.

The Warrior or Warrioress wields our left brain to control life or have power over something rather than surrendering to Divine Grace. Examples: Dominatrix; Protector; Quester etc.

Our relationships mirror back to us what is real or unreal within ourselves. The 4 subpersonalities represent the unreal which we can become more aware of and heal on our journey of spiritual growth.

What sub-personality(s) run your life?






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