May 21, 2024
Life Purpose

What are the Benefits of Living Your Life Purpose?

living your life purpose

Living Your Life Purpose

living your life purposeBefore you can enjoy the benefits of living your life purpose, you need to find it. How do we find purpose?

Many of us live unable to find our purpose in life for much of our lives. We are born, go to school and cram facts into our heads, marry, go to work, and then rush home from work too tired to do much of anything.

We live mediocre lives without purpose, only routine. Life rushes past us. We feel alone, separate, depressed. Then we die.

Now back to the question how do we find purpose in life? Even more so, how do we know how to recognize when our purpose shows its face in our lives?

Our purpose shows itself in down to earth ways. For instance, when you find yourself being given opportunities in work or group situations to be of service, this is your purpose at that time. Beware of wanting recognition. Being of selfless service to improve the well-being of others requires no recognition from others.

Another way our purpose shows itself as “being in the right place.” This means we see an area to assist and we choose to do so rather than closing our hearts and ignoring the situation or leaving it in hope that someone else will take care of it.

The above shows two ways for you to be living your purpose. Are you ready to recognize and practice these ways?

How Can You Enjoy the Benefits of Living Your Purpose?

What is it to live, ready live?

Sri Bhagavan of Oneness University in India says, Knowing how to live is the purpose of life. He adds, You are here to live, to have a good time, to play. Life is a game … you must learn to play.

So how many of us knew we would find purpose if we enjoyed our lives, lived in joy.

We can still engage in our previous activities. The difference means discovering how to have a good time doing what we do, to learn to play rather than work and do.

Enjoy your life:

  • Enjoy your work as play
  • Have a good time
  • Enjoy what you do in the moment

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