July 24, 2024
Life Purpose

What is the Best Way to Find Your Life Purpose?


life purposeYour brain can never figure out your life purpose. Once we, however, develop a connection with our Higher Self or Soul, only then will we begin to access our true life purpose and our area of service in the world. Finding and fulfilling your life purpose involves using our specific gifts and talents in service for the betterment of others.

Some of the “New Children” being born come in with a sense of their purpose. Most of us, however, glimpse and develop a stronger sense of it over time after much life experience, perseverance, and trials and tribulations. In other words, if we persevere through our life challenges and develop our special talents then we will use these to assist others who face similar challenges.

Our soul as the next level of our spiritual self connects with us through our mind, emotions, and physical body. When we reach a certain level of development in consciousness where we have learned how to take charge of our emotions and thoughts then the energy of the soul functioning as higher mind and a compassionate heart can flood our bodies more easily with soul energy for greater clarity of our life purpose.

life purposeAs our bodies infuse with more soul force, we stimulate and energize those people, animals, and plants around us by our presence.

Another way to discover your life purpose is when you find yourself being given opportunities in work or group situations to be of service without being given any recognition.

If we crave power and recognition for our actions rather than serving out of the compassion and the recognition of an individual or group need, then this indicates a desire to enhance ourselves rather than selfless service to improve the well-being of others. This only increases the stress in our lives and those associated with us.

life purposeAlice Bailey says in A Treatise on White Magic, True service is the spontaneous outflow of a loving heart and an intelligent mind; it is the result of being in the right place and staying there. In other words, all of us have or can develop the qualities to serve.

“Being in the right place” means we see an area to assist and we choose to do so rather than closing our hearts and ignoring the situation or leaving it in hope that someone else will take care of it. Sometimes we may make a judgment that the unfortunate people in need deserve their misery. Can we judge others when we have never been in their situation?

Alice Bailey describes a way to define our degree of service in our life purpose in Discipleship in the New Age Volume 2 with this statement, You cannot possibly do everything that you see needs to be done; therefore, do that which will bring about the greatest amount of good to the greatest number of seeking souls.


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Conclusion: Life Purpose

Are you ready to assist with what shows up in front of you in your daily life? Are you ready to do your best for those seeking your help? Fulfilling the above actions is your life purpose.

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