May 21, 2024
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Quantum Hologram: Oneness Unified Field: How Can We Use It?

oneness unified field

It appears to be an intelligent field (quantum hologram) in that it responds to the language of coherent human emotion. Gregg Braden; Author & Visionary; The Isaiah Effect

What is a Quantum Hologram or a Oneness Unified Field?

oneness unified fieldIn Star Wars the Force represented, like a Quantum Hologram, a unifying field of intelligent energy – a  oneness unified field. May the Force be with you.

Western scientists describe this oneness unified field as being everywhere, present all the time. A religious/spiritual person would call this field Oneness, God or the Divine. Therefore, the Force is with us and around us at all times. Spiritual people experience the Divine also within them at times.

How Can We Use the Unified Field in Our Daily Lives?

If we accept the idea that our outer world reflects all our internal thoughts and feelings, then we have a choice of affecting our lives and the world around us in a positive way.

The challenge exists that we think one way, feel another way and express in yet another way. For example, we feel upset, yet when asked we say, I am fine. Our thoughts, feelings and our actions don’t match up. We lied. How can we have a positive aligned effect in our outer lives when we act out of alignment with our internal state? Gregg Braden calls this an incoherent emotion.

Braden in his quote said that the field/Quantum Hologram responds to the language of coherent human emotion. In other words, our thoughts, feeling and expression/action all align. They represent a consistent and clear expression of our internal state.

Western science has shown that this alignment produces chemical changes in our bodies which extend into our world around us.

For example, if we prayed for the health of a family member, know this person has already healed (hold that intent in our minds), and feel the member healed this creates an alignment, an oneness with the unified field.

Note: When our thoughts, feelings and outer expressions match up, we empower ourselves as a force of positive change in the life of our loved ones and the world.

How Can We Be the Change We Wish

  • Discover and choose to change any sabotage between an unconscious and a conscious thought
  • Know the oneness unified field responds to our emotions/feelings
  • Feel the feeling in your heart and surrender your intent/prayer as already answered
  • Allow the Quantum Hologram to respond in its own time and way

See Gregg Braden The Isaiah Effect

The Secret of Miracles, Gregg Braden


Michael David Lawrience is the author of His book provides ways for improving emotional health, easing pain and stress, healing physical and emotional abuse, and spiritual awakening.

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    Michael David Lawrience has been an Energy Healer for over 40 years. Also a Bowenwork Practitioner since 2005. Michael David has decades of practical experience. with Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Crystal, Rainbow and Starseed children.

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