May 21, 2024

How to Best Heal Your Sub-personalities Inner Child

Inner Child

Sub-personalities: Healthy and WholeSub-personalities

  • When our sub-personalities have expression and healed we have a stable inner family including the inner child, nurturer, sage and warrior. This healthy connection we feel safe within ourselves.
  • On the other hand, unhealthy sub-personalities engage in codependent behaviors in relationships using their power to manipulate. When healed they respond rather than react otherwise, dysfunction equals powerlessness.
  •  A Light-worker masters being present in the moment; this requires being consciously aware of their sub-personalities and choosing to heal them.
  • Balancing and healing our sub-personalities on the psychological or horizontal plane precedes moving into higher vertical levels of Light and consciousness. In ancient Egypt, the initiate going through the side temples (horizontal plane)to reconnect the sub-personalities prior to entering the Great Pyramid (vertical plane) reflected this. Almine, Mystic & Visionary
  • Reconnecting the healthy expression of our sub-personalities propels us into joy and freely giving. Miracles can happen.

Inner Child Sub-personalities

  •  Many inner children lack self-esteem and thus strive to receive attention because of a need to feel their esteem from the outside. The unhealthy inner child says; I feel less than, Look at me, I need, I want.
  • The inner child connects to our body, feelings and collective humanity.
  • We need to reparent our inner child as most children have never experienced unconditional loving parenting. As we nurture our inner child she/he begins to feel safe.
  • The healthy inner child radiates happiness and joy as she/he enjoys each moment. It lives in the now.
  • The inner child plays and feels. He or she lives innocently and spontaneously. Thus, life force increases flowing in our bodies.

Note: When subconscious conflicts and patterns have cleared and our inner child healed we then can bypass our left brain and trust our intuitive feelings when making decisions. The healthy inner child uses feelings as its guide for truth.

How have or will you heal your inner child?

What activities does your inner child enjoy?

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