June 17, 2024
Inner Child Healing

Healing Your Inner Child: 5 Tips Truth How to Feel Better

healing your inner child

 inner childGrowing up in the Western world we have been taught as children and adults to avoid showing any emotions. So when feelings begin overtaking us we stop breathing and apologize for feeling. As a result, our inner child, the emotional part of us, lives with its wounds and suffers.

Emotions or E for energy in motion wants to express naturally through our bodies. When we stop the flow of these feelings, they gather and become trapped in different parts of our bodies and our inner child. Repressed and suppressed over periods of time, they can develop into physical conditions such as heart disease or cancer etc.

What is the Truth about Feelings?

1. Denying our childhood emotional wounds will not make them magically disappear. As I said earlier, emotions manifest as energy. Suppression causes them to stay trapped in our bodies and our inner child. Pressure builds until we explode outward or the energy implodes inward and we suffer heart disease or cancer. Note: PTSD represents emotional trauma begging for release trapped in the bodies of war survivors.

feeling your feelings2. We can suppress our feelings through addictions like alcohol, drugs, over exercising, food, religion, sex, work, or television. We run away from our feelings because of the terror in facing them, of being overwhelmed, of losing control. Then the emotional wounds of our childhood suffered by our inner child will run our life. The child rather than the adult sits in the driver seat of our lives. How often as an adult have you felt like a young child? This is your inner child.

3. We can receive “truth” about feelings in two different ways:

a) Intuitive emotional truth which comes from our Higher Self or Soul revealing the optimum choices for us to follow for our highest personal development.

b) Personality emotional truth which comes from a reaction of our inner child based on wounds from past situations. We react in a knee jerk way as an angry, scared, or powerless child of 3, 5, or 7 years old etc. rather than as an adult responding to the situation as it presents itself in the now moment.

Continuation: Truth about Feelings

feeling your feelings4. We unconsciously attract relationships reflecting our unhealed inner child/childhood feelings and wounds. For example, we may attract partners where we feel unlovable. They criticize rather than supporting us. We find we continue attracting these unhealthy relationships confirming our lack of lovability and creating more suffering for us. These patterns will continue until we choose to begin healing our inner child wounds.

5. We will continue feeling a hole in our soul until we break down and surrender completely to the Divine. Then Divine Grace can infuse us and assist in dissolving and healing our childhood wounds. Note: Any type of addiction; alcohol, codependent behavior, drugs, or work alcoholism etc. indicates a hole in our soul resulting in isolation, loneliness, or separation.

Do you want to feel better? What changes will you make in your life to feel better, to heal your inner child?

Tips: Healing Your Inner Child Feelings

  • Connect with your feelings to begin to release and heal. (I will indicate a few books to assist you.)
  • Feel and express your feelings in healthy ways by talking to trusted friends, journal, or paint your feelings.
  • Connect with and allow your inner child to talk to you about what it needs. Let it journal by writing with your non dominant hand. Allow free expression with no interference of your mind or judgments.
  • Choose to look at and recognize the repetitive painful patterns of your unsuccessful relationships. Find a therapist or energy healer who has done their own emotional healing to assist you in healing your inner child.
  • To receive Divine Grace requires the surrender of your mind, fears, and physical and mental suffering of what you believe to be reality or truth to Divine Grace in whatever form it comes. As the spiritual teacher Yogananda says, All surrendering love draws His Grace. Divine Grace can dissolve any emotions standing in the way of our healing when we are ready.


feeling your feelingsA Few Books for Healing Inner Child Feelings:

1. Focusing by Eugene Gendlin – releases bodily tension and psychological stress.

2. The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson – a simple way to clear trapped emotions.

3. Emotional Balance by Dr. Roy Martina – methods for balancing the emotional body for greater health and happiness.

4. Emotional Health: The Secret for Freedom from Drama, Trauma, and Pain by Michael David Lawrience – practical methods to release your physical and emotional chronic pain, suffering, and emotional stress.



Michael David Lawrience is the author of Emotional Health: The Secret from Drama, Trauma, and Pain His book provides ways for improving emotional health, easing pain and stress, healing physical and emotional abuse, and spiritual awakening. See book on Amazon

Michael as a previous Residential and Self-Esteem Coach and Mentor has over 15 years’ experience teaching teen’s self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-reliance. See eBook Self Esteem- A Teen’s Guide for Girls This book is valuable for women also.

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    Michael David Lawrience has been an Energy Healer for over 40 years. Also a Bowenwork Practitioner since 2005. Michael David has decades of practical experience. with Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Crystal, Rainbow and Starseed children.

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