June 18, 2024
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Top Dysfunctional Family Roles Affecting Self-Esteem–Part 2


Children of dysfunctional families come to believe they are responsible for their parents’ problems. As a result they develop low self-esteem. Carl Benedict, Counselor

dysfunctional family rolesWhat types of  dysfunctional family roles occur in dysfunctional families?

What we learned from our families colors the way we feel about ourselves and our relationships.

Types Of Dysfunctional Family Roles:

  1. 1 or both parents have addictions like drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, gambling, overworking, or overeating.
  2. 1 or both parents use physical violence as a means of control. Children live in fear of outbursts.
  3. 1 or both parents exploit the children to take care of the physical or emotional needs of adults.
  4. 1 or both parents fail to provide or threaten to withdraw physical, emotional or financial support for their children.
  5. 1 or both parents exert strong authoritarian control over their children.

As a child, we experienced powerlessness. We no longer need to be a victim of our dysfunctional family who confused us and trampled on our self-esteem because of dysfunctional family roles.

How do we shift from dysfunctional family roles to functional relationship roles and rebuild our self-esteem?

How to Shift to Functional Family Roles:dysfunctional families

  • Change the rules to begin to heal family emotional issues.
  • Express without fear. 
  • Have your feelings and needs accepted. 
  • Set healthy personal boundaries.

Are you ready to rebuild your self-esteem and thereby your happiness and success in life?

How to Rebuild Your Self-Esteem:

  • AddictBegin feeling the pain. The only way out is through. Heal your codependency, wounded inner child, and the wound in your soul.
  • CaretakerLearn what your needs are. Begin to nurture yourself first. Become aware of your feelings and begin to express them. Set healthy personal boundaries by saying “No.”
  • Hero – Overcome fear of rejection and failure by acknowledging and building on your inner strengths. Know perfection by doing your best and learning from mistakes.
  • ClownDevelop healthy humor. Forgive your family and especially yourself.
  • ScapegoatHeal the blame and shame you choose to take on for your family. Develop your personal inner power.
  • Lost ChildBuild your self-esteem by learning to love yourself. Gradually learn to trust yourself and others.

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