May 21, 2024
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How to Love a 5th Dimensional Consciousness Shift


 dimensional consciousnessAscension emerges when all of humanity has the opportunity to experience spiritual evolution. That time is now for a 5th dimensional consciousness shift!

You can choose to align with your own personal Divine Being i.e.; Allah, Christ, Yahweh, Archangel Michael etc. You quicken your own Ascension by raising the energy/vibration of what you daily think, feel and act.

The following may work for you as a daily statement keeping your focus positive when negative feelings or thoughts arise. Reality governs my every thought. Truth be the Master of my Life.

In 3rd dimensional consciousness, we bounce back and forth between polarities or opposites such as anger and victim; happiness and sadness; fear and peace; judgment and acceptance etc.
We desire to avoid feeling the more challenging emotions while wanting to experience only the pleasant ones.

As our spiritual journey continues we travel through 4th dimensional consciousness. Do you find yourself swinging back and forth between opposites? You may find yourself eventually in the middle or center point of the polarities. Once you settle into this middle point or stillpoint you may experience calm or peace. If so then this is 4th dimensional consciousness.

5th Dimensional Consciousness

As you experience 5th dimensional consciousness, your consciousness becomes more receptive to infinite possibilities. You may feel an absence of both emotional highs and lows. You may feel apathetic, exhausted, uninspired or withdrawn etc. This indicates attachments to 3rd dimensional consciousness being purged. Rather than seeking validation outside yourself you may begin to discover a growing fulfillment that comes from within.

This can be a confusing time and debilitating both physically and emotionally. Your inner child/unconscious may feel abandoned, and thus out of fear of being left behind resist your spiritual journey forward into 5th dimensional consciousness.

Turn inward and talk in our mind to your inner child/unconscious. Hear or get an intuitive feeling what they say to you in response. Have a conversation back and forth.
Assure him/her that you love them; “I love you.” Embrace them like the small child that they are. Feel the love that you have for this part of yourself. This is the self-love that you may begin to experience for the first time in your lives.

Leaving 3rd dimensional consciousness involves a sloughing off of old emotional patterns and mental beliefs. Entry into 5th dimensional consciousness necessitates a leaving behind of the old patterns which no longer serve you. Your inner child/unconscious may believe that it is dying.

Our inner child/unconscious connects with our everyday mind which resists. Our mind misunderstands and flies around like a crazy bat engaging in every instance of fear and polarity.

5th-dimension-consciousnessReassure your inner child that you want them to walk hand in hand with you on your journey towards greater abundance, health and joy. Actually, as your inner child/unconscious represents a part of your emotional nature you need them as much as they need you.

The truth is that you will be unable to make a successful spiritual journey into 5th dimensional consciousness without your inner child/unconscious as they will resist and sabotage your every move, if you ignore them.

Without the cooperation of your inner child/unconscious you will remain stuck in 3rd dimensional consciousness. You will hammer away at the gate of 5th dimensional consciousness frustrated and wonder why no progress is being made.

Attention: realize as the adult in this relationship you no longer have control or are the one in charge of letting go. Your inner child out of fear of the new and unfamiliar territory of 5th dimensional consciousness grasps hanging on for dear life. As the adult, however, your task entails as I said earlier to embrace and love your inner child.

As an adult if you have developed the necessary discipline through meditation you will hold a concentrated one pointed focus. The next step necessitates that you both trust and completely surrender to the Divine as you know it. Then Divine Grace can enter and sweep you both through the gateway of 5th dimensional consciousness into infinite expanding possibilities.

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    Michael David Lawrience has been an Energy Healer for over 40 years. Also a Bowenwork Practitioner since 2005. Michael David has decades of practical experience. with Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Crystal, Rainbow and Starseed children.

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