June 18, 2024

Relationships: Tips to Improve

Drama Triangle Karpman
How can you improve your relationships?

Codependent Relationships

Study the codependent triangle. It is all about control.
Relationships: Tips to ImproveThe Rescuer spend their energy taking care of everyone else. This includes mothers, caregivers, healers, nurses etc. A Rescuer neglects their own needs. Quit often they have no idea what they need. They have little skill nurturing themselves.
A Victim feels sorry for themselves. They sink into a swamp of helplessness. The Victim shows up as our 3 – 5-year-old inner child. This child feeling unloved by a parent believes something is wrong with them. They can live with this trauma the rest of their lives.
The Persecutor blames and judges. This includes sexual offenders. The Victim takes on the shame of the Persecutor as their own.
The codependent triangle shows unhealthy relationships.

Unhealthy Relationships

  • Do you spend your time looking after others’ problems?
  • Are you caught in their drama?
  • Do you tend to a loved one’s destructive behavior?
  • Does your inner child want to control someone’s behavior
Everyone has responsibility for themselves. Check if you get caught up being Over Responsible.

Meaningful Relationships

  • As a conscious evolving spiritual person, relationships challenge you. Be clear what types of relationship nurtures you.
  • Continue to heal your shadows and childhood traumas. Others around you may choose to ignore healing.
  • Those operating from codependency may tempt you with friendship for control. When you refuse their “love” they may express anger. Know struggle for control creates tension. Walk away.

One Solution:

  • Begin to Feel/Be the Unique Spark that you Are
  • Connect to your Intuition or Higher Self/Divine or your I AM
  • Breath your highest Truth into your Heart
  • Breath from your Heart down your body into the Core of the Earth


  • Learn to Nurture Self –start with pauses during the day
  • Continue Healing Childhood Trauma
Codependent Triangle Codependency 03 Karpman https://youtu.be/_keU0-F43hI
Read the book, Codependent No More. Stop Controlling Others. Start Caring for Yourself. 
How to Heal Trauma and Feeling Over-Responsible https://www.emotionalhealthtips.com/trauma

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