July 24, 2024
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What is the Ancient Meaning of Christmas?

ancient meaning of christmas

Behold the Sun
At midnight hour
And build with stones
In lifeless clay.
So find in world decline
And in the night of death
Creation’s new beginning
And morning’s youthful strength.
Let heights above reveal
The Gods’ eternal word,
May depths preserve and seal
The peaceful treasure-hoard.
In darkness living
O now create a Sun!
In substance weaving
O know the Bliss of Spirit.

The Christmas Mystery translated by Henry B. Monges

ancient meaning of christmasWhat is the ancient hidden esoteric meaning of Christmas?

What did the wise men of history see expressed in the Christmas Festival?

The essence of the following article comes from The Christmas Festival: A Token of the Victory of the Sun by Rudolf Steiner an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, and esotericist.

The celebration of Christmas occurred in Asia and Egypt thousands of years before the birth of Christ. On the longest darkest day of the year, the celebration heralded the victory the Light/the Sun over darkness rather than a wholly materialistic focus on receiving gifts.
The Ancient Meaning of Christmas

At the midnight hour, priests and spiritual teachers spoke to their students of the great Mystery of the victory of light.

Today in 2017, we stand at a point of chaos of great upheaval and discomfort as can be clearly seen in world events in every country. Take heart for within the heart of chaos lays great creativity for a better world for all humanity.

See the victory of the Light as hope rather than despairing as the chaos continues churning upheaval around you. Know out of this will be birthed peace among men of good-will.

See 2017 as the beginning of a turnaround of triumph of the victory of light in a new beginning of higher evolution of humanity.

Connect with your higher self/your soul and intuit and know that after thousands and thousands of years of world strife humanity stands at the threshold of an evolutionary surge upwards towards the Ideal of Peace.

TranscendanceContemplate within yourself the victory of the sun over the darkness now emerging from the depths and showing the face of darkness as it really is. Look at what has been revealed around the world in 2017 related to the underlying truth behind the 1% controlling finance, food, politics etc. Darkness reigns before the coming of the Light.

Feel in the Victory of the Sun as a symbol of the Light within our souls and the souls of all humanity. This victory will one day resonate like a bell around the world as harmony; a manifestation of the Ideal of Peace among all humanity of good-will.

In the Christmas season, many people experience loneliness, scarcity, separation or strife. Harmony reveals the underlying essence of Christmas: a feeling of unity for all. Beyond the struggle and strife of daily life harmony and peace shines as a pearl within the heart of Christmas.

The Victory of the Sun at the Christmas Festival triumphs whenever the courts represent justice for the good of humanity, when the doctor heals with his heart, when the teacher encourages curiosity and creativity in the student, and when in the streets men and women feel and act for the good of all.

 Gloria in Excelsis Deo



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