June 18, 2024
Divine Archetypes

Tap into Your Wise Woman Within: Access Inspired Wisdom and Spiritual Direction

wise woman

Our inner family of 4 includes the sage/wise woman. With a healthy connection, our inner sage/wise woman acts with discernment.

This inner family manifests in our outer relationships. When balanced and healthy, we have successful relationships. 

Inner Family:

The inner sage/wise woman translates the inner child’s non-verbal communications. These, also, get relayed to the inner warrior.

Is Your Inner Sage Dysfunctional or Healthy? 

Subpersonalities neglect their roles when dysfunctional.

Dysfunctional Subpersonalities Inner Sage/Wise Woman

  • The Dysfunctional Sage looks for truth outside themselves.
  • A Dysfunctional Sage rather than using their gift of discernment, judges a situation or a person and often times themselves.

NOTE: See Cord Cutting for Clearing energies “dumped” upon you. Also, when you feel “drained”.

In addition, the Inner Child May show up in place of the Sage and react out of emotional hysteria rather than having the Sage’s skill of discernment.

Healthy Subpersonalities Inner Sage/Wise Woman

  • The Healthy Sage’s gift of spiritual direction and understanding to others becomes most useful to healthy rather than unhealthy subpersonalities
  • The Healthy Sage looks for anything left in the deeper layers of their subconscious or in the mirror of their relationships with family members or others to see what still needs healing within.
  • The Healthy Sage uses their discernment to offer direction to others. They may suggest to a Nurturer acting as a critical parent to love rather than judge a child. They may explain to a Warrior to rest rather than continue fighting because it’s a waste of energy.

Cord CuttingHow to Clear Toxic Dysfunctional Relationships

  • Most important for Healers and Sensitive people who pick up other people’s energies. Use also when people close to you “pull on your energy” or want to control you. 
  • One major sign: You feel drained or fatigued around certain people.
  • Call upon the Divine, your spiritual guides, archangels or angels, to assist in clearing you.

Cut Cords: This is the Command I use to clear clients and myself. You may also use Sound: Tibetan or crystal bells, crystal bowls, drums, or rattles.  

I command in the name of e.g. “Christ and Archangel Michael” that all Cords, Webs, Influences unlike the light, Sticky residue, Control patterns, Anger, Fear etc., All patterns that no longer serve and Agreements and Contracts out of time from (person’s or entities name) be severed at source and purified by the Violet fire from all physical, etheric, emotional, mental, soul, and spiritual bodies, from all times and dimensions, through the quantum and subatomic level of creation, down to my DNA and RNA for the highest good of all. NOW.

This clearing can be changed as you are guided. It should also be used in both directions from the person and to the person. You will feel the difference between the two. Allow time for each process to occur. Sometimes they take a while.

Also, Cleanse yourself. Take an Epsom or other salts bath. You can also add essential oils.

Conclusion Tap into Your Inner Sage/Wise Woman. Use your intuitive wisdom for spiritual direction in Divine Right Order.

Access Inspired Wisdom and Spiritual Direction.

How to Best Heal Your Subpersonalities Inner Child


Subpersonalities: Inner Nurturer  https://www.emotionalhealthtips.com/subpersonalities-nurturer/

7 Attributes of the Wise Woman https://healingthematriarch.com/7-attributes-of-the-wise-woman/

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    Michael David Lawrience has been an Energy Healer for over 40 years. Also a Bowenwork Practitioner since 2005. Michael David has decades of practical experience. with Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Crystal, Rainbow and Starseed children.

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