May 21, 2024
Indigo Crystal Rainbow and Star Children

Empathic Child: Tips for Raising

An empathic child feels deeply. She or he can become overstimulated by noise, people or violence. Sometimes they feel different/unable to “fit in.” They may surprise you with their compassion or wise comments. You may see their strong connection to nature, plants, or animals.
The critical role of parents, grandparents and mentors requires supporting an empathic child. This involves recognizing their natural intuition, sensitivity and wisdom.
Encourage your empathic child to develop his gifts at his own pace.
These children come now to make the world better for everyone.

1. Empathic Child Tips: Breath

Golden LightTeach your empathic child about breath at an early age. Breath fills our bodies with more oxygen i.e. energy. Children relate to Angels. In the morning and or evening, have them breathe deeply. Then imagine a golden angelic light flooding all parts of their body. Have them use breath when they feel stressed or feel discomfort in some part of their body. Direct the breath/golden light to the discomfort on the in-breath. Imagine pain tension leaving with the out-breath.

2. Auric/Energy Protection – Boundaries

An empathic child tends to absorb the energy of the environment around them. Teach them about being more aware/discerning what they allow in. Teach them how to strengthen their aura/energy body. Show them how to set boundaries around themselves. Then they will thrive on uplifting energies. The presence of nature supports them in feeling good and also grounded.
The following explains how to set up an energetic boundary. It protects against toxic energies. It allows good energy in.

Archangel Michael’s Aura Zip-Up

Archangel Michael as a protector shields us. We then feel our power to stand strong in our own Inner Light. We can call upon him at anytime when we sense danger.
Archangel Michael Teach your empathic child to do the following in their minds. Do it with them. Imagine taking Archangel Michael’s dark blue cloak and extending over the top of their head. This is just above their eyes. Now have the child bend down and zip up the cloak from the bottom of their feet all the way up to their chin. Zip it up like a jacket. Now they can feel safe. Finally, do this before going out into the world.
Archangel Michael radiates Blue Light. He carries a Sword of Protection. Michael’s blue cloak stops bad energy from entering. Your child can call up Michael at any time. “Archangel Michael help me!”
Teach your child to have Archangel Michael put his blue cloak of protection around them. Do this every morning. At night have them put it around their bed. Moreover, this can protect against nightmares.

3. Empathic Child Tips: Call Upon the Angels

Archangel Zaphiel empathic childCalling upon angels provides a powerful way of raising an empathic child. Some of these children see angels on an inner level. All the child needs say inwardly or out loud, “Angels please help.” Teach children from an early age.
If you like, teach your child to call upon angels to stand in the 4 directions, above and below.
  • First, imagine Archangel Michael’s/blue light on their right side.
  • Second, imagine Archangel Gabriel’s/white light on their left side.
  • Third, imagine Archangel Raphael’s/green light behind.
  • Fourth, imagine Archangel Uriel’s/red light in front.
  • Fifth, imagine Archangel Metatron’s/violet light above.
  • Sixth, imagine Archangel Sandalphon’s/turquoise grounding below their feet.
  • Finally, imagine all these Archangels forming a golden tent. At last, have them put this tent around, above and below them.
Note: Your child may see different colors for the Archangels. Whatever color he sees is okay.
In Conclusion: Parents see what works with your children. You can also use the tools for yourself.

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    Michael David Lawrience has been an Energy Healer for over 40 years. Also a Bowenwork Practitioner since 2005. Michael David has decades of practical experience. with Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Crystal, Rainbow and Starseed children.

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