July 24, 2024

How to Best Heal Your Sub-personalities Inner Nurturer

sub-personalities inner child


The sub-personalities are the emotional components and acquiring balance between them is crucial to stop co-dependent patterns with others. Almine, Mystic and Visionary

Sub-personalities: Dysfunctional Nurturer

The dysfunctional Nurturer controls our lives through feelings by using our unconscious right brain. It focuses only on feeling good i.e., a physical life of sensuality.

Another aspect of the dysfunctional Nurturer involves it nurturing everyone else except itself. Some examples include the codependent, people pleaser and the rescuer.

The dysfunctional Nurturer can be a controlling or judgmental or critical perfectionist parent.

Examples of dysfunctional Nurturer include the addict, codependent, people pleaser or rescuer, as well as different types of parents like the authoritarian father or mother, controlling father or mother, critical father or mother, negative father or mother, perfectionistic father or mother, punishing father or mother and withdrawn father or mother.

Note: If you had dysfunctional parents, we can reparent our inner child by being an unconditional loving parent to ourselves.

Sub-personalities: Healthy Nurturer

  • The healthy Nurturer re-parents our inner child.
  • Provides a safe home environment.
  • Sets healthy boundaries for the inner child to grow within.
  • Allows the inner child to have a voice and encourages healthy self-expression.
  • Gives the inner child time to play and to experience life in the moment.

As a healthy Nurturer we may come to an awareness that doing our best and learning from our mistakes represents perfection.

Examples of the healthy Nurturer include the good father or mother, nurturing father or mother, and the responsible father or mother.

Note: The Nurturer knows what it needs to nourish itself through being attuned to its body. It knows when it feels tired, hungry, needs healing or rest and when it wants to be pampered.

Do you listen to your inner Nurturer to take care of yourself in the moment?

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