May 21, 2024
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How to Do a Helpful Solar Light Body Activation Meditation

solar light body activation

We are all being realigned and recalibrated on the Light Body level so that we can raise our consciousness and our personal frequencies. Celia Fenn, Starchild Global

What is a Solar Light Body?

solar light body As I previously explained, in an article Solar Revolution Book Review, increased solar radiation from our sun changes our physical bodies and energy fields into a solar light body. As a result, as we continue to absorb more Light our DNA changes.

We can consciously build the Light quotient in our various bodies. J.J. Hurtak, Ph. D., Keys of Enoch says, Ultimately, the whole human DNA can be reprogrammed by consciousness that has self-realization. This reprogramming creates the activating of our solar light body and the evolution and transmutation of our carbon based bodies into crystalline bodies of Light, over time.

The above may appear farfetched; however, Celia Fenn, J.J. Hurtak, Patricia Cota-Robles and others have higher knowledge and experiences that indicate otherwise.

A Brief Description of Each of the Four Light Bodies of the Solar Light Body:

1. Crystalline Physical Light Body – shifts from being a vehicle for carrying our karmic lessons of learning to a body of physical perfection and health. solar light body

2. Crystalline Etheric Light Body – Our etheric body supplies our physical body with vital life force through our spleen. With the shift we can experience vibrant health and radiant beauty.

3. Crystalline Emotional Light Body – 80 % of our life force can be released through our emotional body. With the shift our emotional world can fill with infinite love.

4. Crystalline Mental Light Body – shifts to connecting with Divine thoughts and consciousness and living in the present moment.

How Do We Go About the Activation of our Solar Light Body/Bodies?

Solar Light Body Activation Meditation – Celia Fenn, Starchild Global

soul earth starYou can sit very calmly and peacefully and focus on your heart center, breathing deeply. Then ensure that your chakras are opened and aligned, and that you are connected to the soul star and the earth star chakras, and also the Cosmic Heart and the Earth Center Crystal.

Then, ask Archangel Michael to assist you to open the Crown Chakra like a Lotus or Sunflower with many petals, and each petal absorbs solar radiation, or any radiation, and distributes this around the Light Body so that it nourishes the Light Body rather than harming it.

Then ask also that the Soul Star Chakra be opened as a Flower and also be allowed to absorb Cosmic Light and Frequency to further strengthen the Light Body. At this time you may feel a distinct tingling in your body as the Light Quotient in the Light Body rises and the cells in the physical body start to accelerate in frequency.

Then thank Archangel Michael and focus deeply on the Heart Center. Breathe deeply three times and then open your eyes again.

Activation of Solar Light BodyPatricia Cota Robles

About Michael:

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