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Spiritual Awakening

Top 7 Tips: How to Shift into Spiritual Awakening


Spiritual AwakeningWhat is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening means dissolving of one’s self as a separate being. It refers to a growing awareness of reality, lived fully moment to moment. When you Awaken it feels like a familiar state you once knew.

Awakening is a process where you wake up from the dream to reality.
Life this way is so ordinary that it is extraordinary.
One feels that – that is how one has always been.

Sri Amma Bhagavan

With Spiritual Awakening You:

  • Discover compassion, joy, love and peace.
  • Live more in the present rather than fear of the past or future.
  • Move automatically from being a “doer” to living in your essence – simply “Being.”
  • Function mentally without all the critical thoughts and judgments.
  • Experience the dissolving of your personal ego self.
  • Live life rather than search for the meaning or purpose of life.

Awakening Includes Two Aspects

You may experience for months or years transitioning back and forth between altered states of being in an awakened state of greater joy or peace. Most of the time, however, we endure in a state of fear of the past and future, lots of mental activity and conflict, separation and suffering.

The transitioning gives you an experience of degrees of awakening. A permanent state of Awakening, however, remains as a possibility in Spiritual Awakening. As of January 21, 2013, the Oneness University in India has stated 352,000 people around the world now live in a permanent Awakened state.

Note: Of the over 7 billion people on the planet in 2012 in regards to the great Spiritual Awakening some will have similar experiences, some will have different experiences and everyone will have a unique experience. According to awakened people, it will never be like you thought it might be. Also, it will occur in the right time rather than you making it happen. Spiritual Awakening comes as the next step in human evolution.

What MaSpiritual Awakeningjor Signs Indicate a Transitory Spiritual Awakening as Compared to a Permanent State?

The following information comes from statements of ordinary people who have experienced both transitory states and also a shift into permanent Awakening in their spiritual transformations. I will describe both the previous “normal” state and also the permanent state. I use the terms “we” and “our” because we have plenty of experiences with how we feel before awakening. “We” and “our” also apply to all of us because we can choose to Awaken. Then with the Grace of God and the right time it will happen, regardless of how we think it should look like.

1. Mind/Body:

Before Awakening: Our mind creates a sense of separation. Our mind criticizes and judges ourselves and others. We endure constant mind chatter. Maybe we fear awakening will never happen for us. We believe we have to experience high mystical states of consciousness to Awaken.

After Spiritual Awakening: Mind chatter decreases to nothing. Our minds become clear. In mystical terms, we see yet no seer exists. Our mind remains empty until it is needed then it clicks into automatic when we need it for work or for example driving a car. We still have our “to do” lists. Now we focus fully on one task at a time without worrying about the rest of the list. Without figuring it out, we know the right action to take. We experience calm and peace.

Our personal ego self dissolves which frees up that mind energy for healing our body and allowing restoration in sleep.

The Oneness University reports with Spiritual Awakening a shift in our brain reduces activity in the left and right parietal area eliminating our sense of separation. Activity increases in the frontal lobe, optimizing this area.

Christian Opitz, Neurophysicist, confirms Spiritual Awakening involves a neurobiological change in the brain. He states, With the blocking of the parietal lobes a feeling of expanded consciousness is produced.

Spiritual Awakening2. Separation/Connection:

Before Awakening: We experience a separateness from ourselves, others, nature and God. In blunt terms, we reject ourselves and life as in being truly alive. We build up this sense of separateness with our beliefs. Our mind judges and measures us against everyone else. Maybe we feel less than. We know suffering and misery.

After Spiritual Awakening: No longer suffering, we feel wholeness, completeness. Our mind quiets, fears disappear. We feel safe, maybe for the first time with no need for concern for the future. We live fully in the present moment to moment, whether painful or pleasant. The past only as a memory no longer holds any emotional charge. We know gratitude.

3. Relationships:

Before Awakening: We judge our friends as well as strangers. We keep our guard up to avoid hurt. Perhaps, we fear feeling vulnerable. When we communicate our ego wants to be heard so rather than listening fully and validating another person, we focus on what we will say next or how we can fix their problem.

After Spiritual Awakening: Judgments about others drop away. We have no emotional charge when we meet others. In other words, we bring no emotional baggage of past hurts and memories. Our guard takes a permanent holiday as we feel a connection to others. As we enjoy the inner essence of a person, we become childlike. We relax and enjoy people.

We may still dislike the people we disliked before Awakening. The difference; we have no emotional charge attached to our dislike.

4. Work:

Before Awakening: Will I still function in my job once I Awaken? We feel anxiety before each business meeting. Will I do well? People, will they like me? Will I be able to answer all the questions people ask me? Am I doing a good enough job? Does my boss like me? We have a conflicted mind. Fears become hyperactive.

After Awakening: Our fears and mental conflicts disappear for the personal ego self no longer exists looking for acceptance.

We still function at work and take care of daily responsibilities. We focus on one task at a time, regardless of how many demands or tasks we need to take care of. At work, meetings, or in our daily life we are fully present.

Spiritual Awakening5. Perception/Paradigm Shifts:

Before Awakening: Our past haunts us with its wounds and emotional charges, which trigger emotional drama in our relationships. We live in fear anxious about the future. In addition, we feel separate from ourselves, others, and life. We worry about doing things right, about being accepted and loved.

After Awakening: Our expanded consciousness allows us to burst free of limited beliefs and perceptions. As our paradigms of limited perceptions shift, we see events and relationships in new ways. Spontaneous insights flow with new ways of doing old tasks. We accept and love ourselves and others just the way we and they are.

We see and feel the connection to everyone and everything. Strangers smile at us because they sense something different about us.

6. Intuition/Creativity:

Before Awakening: We think we know what Awakening will be like. Some of us want to figure everything out before we make a decision because of fear of making the wrong choice. Making the right choice remains unclear or conflicted. We doubt ourselves and the hunches and intuitions we receive. We feel out of balance.

After Awakening: We receive clear information. We no longer have judgments about people when we receive intuitions about them. No longer do we have to think about the right thing to do, we just do it. We follow our hunches to take action without needing a rational reason and it works out. We learn new skills quicker and easier.

Spiritual Awakening7. Meditation:

Before Awakening: We may experience some states of deeper silence and peace. We seldom or never meditate. Our mind never relaxes, never gives up the struggle, and never surrenders.

After Awakening: We stay connected to inner silence even amidst activity in the outer world. Despair dissolves, suffering ends. We radiate our inner presence/essence in our everyday world. When we close our eyes shutting out the sensory world, we sit in the presence of being. Surrender comes at the right time with Divine Grace.

What gets in the way of the west are all the concepts about awakening. We read so many books and think it has to be this huge mystical state or peak state. It is not that. It is simpler and yet more profound.

It’s a ‘3-minute brain surgery.’ When this takes place, all the drama and conflict in the mind is no longer able to grab onto you. If anything, awakening makes you more ordinary. You can’t hold onto the past and can’t grab onto the future. The scale of the shift in consciousness is 1-100. Saints are beyond 70. Ramana Maharshi was 95. Buddha and Christ were 100.

Awakening is freedom from the conflicted mind. The mind can no longer grip you. It becomes like a radio that gets fainter and fainter. Doug Bentley Oneness Guide

Scale of Awakening

Awakening occurs as a subtle shift of perception created by a neurobiological shift in the brain. Once you Awaken, you can continue to go deeper into awakening.

The scale of being permanently awakened goes from 1-100 as measured by the Oneness University in India.

When you become awakened you could be at 1 through 6 on the scale.

If you do the “Deepening” in India, at the Oneness University, you could be at 7-15.

Beyond 25 people feel your presence in a room.

30-40 you affect human consciousness on the planet.

50-60 is the state of a great teacher.

Most of humanity will be between 1-10, happy human beings leading peaceful lives.









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