May 20, 2024
Emotional Healing

9 Questions How to Understand Emotional Pain and Suffering

Positive Mind
We feel pain with unpleasant physical sensations or emotions. When we resist then we suffer. Suffering involves anger, blaming, and complaining. It also includes denial and victim/self-pity etc. How do we overcome pain and suffering?
Being alive, in a body, includes pain. Like a clenched fist, suffering wraps around pain. Yet, with suffering we have CHOICE.
Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Dalai Lama
Challenges confront us each day. These trials may include pain. When we resist a challenge, we add more pain. We may react with anger, fear and resistance. Our mind fills with agitation. By choice we harm ourselves more. You also have a choice to stop the drama.
Do you know people who stir up lots of emotional drama? This creates a never-ending spiral of suffering. In the spiral, it’s impossible to overcome pain and suffering.

How to Overcome Pain and Suffering

Silent MindAcceptance: Consider accepting your resistance. To do this close your eyes. Breath into and expand your abdomen. When thoughts arise, stay centered on your breath. Do daily.
Ask questions.
  • What is my resistance showing me? Stay present with your experience for a short while.
  • What hurts?
  • What emotions and beliefs can I identify inside me?
  • What is resistance showing me about my life?
  • Am I miserable or enjoying life?
  • What can I learn?
  • What are my life lessons? (Lessons appear as repeating patterns.)
  • What can I change to enjoy life more?
  • Who can support me in this change?

How to Overcome Pain and Suffering

Notice when you resist rather then accepting. Resistance occurs when our mind or body avoids and defies. Resistance fights/struggles against someone or something.
  • Daily meditation and mindfulness practices help. Stilling the mind or looking at both sides of a situation also aid.
  • With acceptance we develop an ability. This ability requires mental state of neutrality. This doesn’t mean we like a situation. If we can change it, we do so. If not, we accept it as it is.
  • It takes practice to overcome resistance and suffering.
  • What is happening inside you?
  • Are you conscious of your inner feelings and thoughts?
  • Is there constant inner blame, criticism, dialogue, judgment. Do you define and identify yourself by your dialogue?
  • Have you ever experienced a still mind/no thought? You witness the dialogue.
  • When you need to use your mind, you do so. You act, then return back to stillness.
  • A challenge/obstacle has potential for opening. You have a chance to become more aware. Accept each moment, as if you have chosen it. Go inside instead of complaining or running away.
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