July 24, 2024

Inner Warrior/Warrioress: How to Awaken Your Inner Passion and Joy

inner warrior

inner warriorWe may have dozens of subpersonalities. The main core includes the inner nurturer, inner child and inner sage. There is also inner warrior and inner warrioress.

Subpersonalities represent many aspects of our personality. These include all the different types of people inside us. These aspects influence how we perceive our world.

This inner family manifests in our outer relationships. When balanced and healthy, we have successful relationships.

Inner Warrior/Warrioress: Dysfunctional or Healthy

The Healthy Warrior/Warrioress protects our boundaries. It prevents anything that would dis-empower us.

The inner Warrior or Warrioress wields our left brain to control life or have power over something. Examples: Dominatrix; Hero; Protector; Quester.

Dysfunctional Inner Warrior and Warrioress

  • Warrior/Warrioress indulges in thinking limiting or dis-empowering thoughts. These create limited manifestation.
  • Warrior/Warrioress lacks awareness of what they like. Also what they need to nourish their strength.
  • Inner Warrior/Warrioress fights situations in the world. This strengthens what they oppose. They have yet to learn, we empower that which we focus energy on.

Healthy Warrior/Warrioress

  • The Healthy Warrior/Warrioress lives passionately and works/plays at what makes their heart sing.
  • The Healthy Warrior/Warrioress produces thoughts for the highest possible empowerment and manifestation.
  • The Healthy Inner Warrior/Warrioress enjoys activities that replenish them.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior

In my youth, I focused on self-improvement. Then one day I realized that no matter how much I improved myself, only one person benefited. If I could influence other people in a positive way, that made my life more meaningful and exciting. Dan Millman

Dan Millman says, “It’s time to explore the laws of proper relationships. These involve reciprocity and mutual respect to be healthy. The laws apply to everyone, whether we’re conscious of them or not. You’ll learn how to create harmony and balance in your life. Cultivate gentleness and gratitude. Also, a willingness to sacrifice oneself for the greater good.

This is the essence of what it means to be a warrior. Another component requires learning how to establish your “armor.” This is an energetic field of light that maintains healthy boundaries.

In the Peaceful Warrior, the old man arouses Millman’s curiosity. He learns the path of the peaceful warrior. This is a life philosophy on how to live with focus and intention. as well as how to transform passive feelings like sadness or fear into positive action.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior Quotes 

  • “A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does.”
  • “The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.”
  • “You cannot attain happiness; it attains you—but only after you surrender everything else.”
  • “The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”
  • “Everything you’ll ever need to know is within you; the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body.”

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    Michael David Lawrience has been an Energy Healer for over 40 years. Also a Bowenwork Practitioner since 2005. Michael David has decades of practical experience. with Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Crystal, Rainbow and Starseed children.


    • admin86 December 13, 2023

      Thank you, Michael. It’s been many years since I read “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.” Your article triggered a few thoughts within me.

      One, overriding thought is that until I want to see these negative disempowering thoughts and words, I won’t recognize them. The journey of change begins for me when I set the intention to be honest with myself and want to see these patterns. I then begin to recognize the subtleties of the negative thoughts as they occur. Of course, making a few changes in my environmental atmosphere helps makes change. For example, I strive to stop bringing negativity into my thoughts through the programs I watch on television. I want my personal atmosphere to clear out negativity rather that to continue feeding it. And, this is one small step that has the potential to help me with negativity. I also, recognize that I spend a lot of time focusing on clearing out my vessel and it has been coming into my awareness that it is time to celebrate my successes by doing some fun things that inspire and uplift me. This too will help change negative thoughts. After all, my experience has been that a happy outlook does create a happier more positive person.

      Thank you, Michael for this article. It is well written and has provided food for thought for me.


    • Weare Zwemer December 15, 2023

      Michael, there was much of wisdom in your article. The most profound for me was the caution: “Inner Warrior/Warrioress fights situations in the world. This strengthens what they oppose. They have yet to learn, we empower that which we focus energy on.” The thought expanded and clarified the idea that we are as connected to another by our anger as by our love. Thank you, Weare

    • admin86 December 19, 2023

      I really liked this, Michael.

      One thing I think it’s good to add is that the Warrior/Warrioress archetype (as far as the main archetypes go) is the only one that actually has the capacity to ACT in the world. So, it is definitely related to accessing our power.

      Also, a good warrior never goes into battle alone; he/she assesses the situation and makes strategic decisions (which you alluded to). So, in actuality, contrary to the cultural (fake) image of warrior that we are given in the West… which would show us a Rambo figure or Clint Eastwood character who is always going it alone… the positive warrior has the capacity and willingness to ask for help. It’s actually a power move to reach out for help.

      I say this because there is a deep imprint in our culture that we should be able to handle everything by ourselves, and many people feel shame when they reach out for help. So, overcoming that shame (which is nothing more than an attack by our inner critic) takes great courage and is a Warrior move. When people can view it from that angle it helps them overcome the resistance (which is often unprocessed shame).
      Much love, Mary

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