May 21, 2024

Empower Your Inner Nurturer: Enjoy Healthier Relationships

Inner Nurturer2
Inner Nurturer2
We may have dozens of subpersonalities. Main core includes the inner nurturer, inner child, inner sage and inner warrior.
Subpersonalities represent many aspects of our personality. All the different types of people inside us. These aspects influence how we feel and see our world.
The sub-personalities are the emotional components. Acquiring balance between them is crucial to stop co-dependent patterns with others. Almine the Mystic
 This inner family manifests in our outer relationships. When balanced and healthy, we have successful relationships.
 With the Adult, we have Critical Parent or Nurturing Parent.

Dysfunctional Inner Nurturer Adult

1. The dysfunctional Nurturer controls our lives through feelings. Feelings through our unconscious right brain. It focuses only on feeling good; a physical life of sensuality.
2. Another aspect of the dysfunctional Nurturer involves nurturing everyone else except itself. This is the Codependent. Are you someone always taking care of everyone else? Do you neglect yourself? Are you overwhelmed daily? 
3. The dysfunctional Nurturer can be a controlling. It can also be judgmental or a critical perfectionist parent.

Examples of dysfunctional Nurturer: 

1. Codependent, People Pleaser and Rescuer.
2. Authoritarian, Controlling, or Critical father or mother.
3. Negative, Perfectionistic, Punishing or Withdrawn father or mother.
I have encountered many controlling; withdrawn parents.
Note: If you had dysfunctional parents, you can reparent your inner child. Be an unconditional loving parent to your child.

Healthy Inner Nurturer/Adult

The healthy Nurturer re-parents our inner child:
inner nurturer1. Provides a safe home environment.
 2. Sets healthy boundaries for the inner child to grow within.
 3. Allows the inner child to have a voice and encourages healthy self-expression.
 4. Gives the inner child time to play and to experience life in the moment.
As a healthy Nurturer, we may come to an awareness. Doing our best and learning from our mistakes represents perfection.
The healthy Nurturer includes the good, nurturing and responsible father or mother.
Note: The Nurturer knows what it needs to nourish itself through attuning to its body. It knows when it feels tired, hungry or needs healing. Does the body need rest or pampering.
Do you listen to your inner Nurturer to take care of yourself in the moment?

Sub-personalities: Healthy and Whole

1. When our sub-personalities have expression and healed, we have a stable inner family. This includes the inner child, nurturer, sage/wise woman and warrior/warrioress. With a healthy connection, we feel safe within ourselves.
2. Unhealthy sub-personalities engage in codependent behaviors, using their power to manipulate. Dysfunction equals powerlessness. When healed they respond rather than react.
3. A Light-worker masters being present in the moment. This requires being consciously aware of their sub-personalities. Also choosing to heal themselves.
4 Balancing and healing our sub-personalities on the horizontal plane, precedes moving into higher vertical levels of Light and consciousness. Almine the Mystic
5. Reconnect the healthy expression of our sub-personalities . This propels us into joy and freely giving. Miracles can happen.

    Michael David Lawrience has been an Energy Healer for over 40 years. Also a Bowenwork Practitioner since 2005. Michael David has decades of practical experience. with Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Crystal, Rainbow and Starseed children.

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