Subpersonalities Unlock Your Inner Child’s Potential: Master the Art of Reparenting

Unlock Your Inner Child’s Potential: Master the Art of Reparenting

inner ChildOur inner family includes the child, nurturer, sage/wise woman and warrior/warrioress. With a healthy connection, our inner child feels safe within our psyche.
 This inner family manifests in our outer relationships. When balanced and healthy, we have successful relationships. 

Inner Family:

The inner nurturer ensures the child is fully heard. Also, the child has freedom to play within imaginary kingdoms. The inner sage translates the child’s non-verbal communications. These get relayed to the inner warrior.

Is Your Inner Child Dysfunctional or Healthy? 

Our child may also present in the teen years. The child/teen acts out.
Does your child “feel less than?”

Dysfunctional Inner Child

  • Lacks self-esteem; feels something is wrong with them.
  • Strives to receive attention outside themselves.
  • Feels less than – see me – hear me.
  •  Constant mind chatter, wanting to figure everything out.
  •  Criticizes itself. Blames itself. Feels ashamed a lot.
  •  Wants to be in control. Does your child control and run your life instead of your Adult?

Note: Our child connects to our body, feelings.

We may need to reparent our child. Most children have never experienced an unconditional loving parenting. As we nurture our child, she/he begins to feel safe.

Healthy Child

  • Expresses feelings and emotions 
  • Enjoys living in the now moment
  •  Feels safe and valued
  •  Life force flows through the body
  •  Lives with innocence and spontaneity
  • Plays and explores his/her environment
  • Radiates happiness and joy

Note: When subconscious conflicts and patterns clear our child heals. We can bypass our left brain and trust our intuitive feelings when making decisions. The healthy child uses feelings as its guide for truth.

What activities does your child enjoy?


  • The unhealthy child engages in codependent behaviors. They use their power to manipulate. Dysfunction equals powerlessness.
  • Nothing heals a child’s broken heart when unheard and misunderstood.
  •  When healed a child responds rather than reacts.
Almine discusses the way in which an unparented child undermines spiritual growth. She specifically looks at the dysfunctional child in love relationships.

Almine: Dysfunctional Inner Child in Relationships


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  • Sharon Lund October 24, 2023

    Aloha Michael,
    Thank you for your article on the Inner Child, as it is extremely valuable for those who aren’t aware of their inner child, or haven’t healed or reparented him/her. For decades my inner child ran my life, and it was a blessing and gift to me as the adult and inner child once the relationships changed.
    Michael, your articles are insightful and can bring awareness and guidance for so many people.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, which I know came from all the healing work you’ve done.

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