May 21, 2024

Indigo Adults: 7 Possible Signs. Are You an Indigo?


Indigo Adults

Indigo AdultsGuidelines for Indigo Adults indicate they came in about 1950 – 1972. My birth, however, occurred August 19, 1945. I never considered or knew myself to be and Indigo Child. Recently, it dawned on me that, Yes, I am an Indigo.

In the last year, it has become clear my next step in my life purpose involves mentoring and teaching the New Children. These include Crystals, Rainbow and Sun Children. The purpose, also, includes assisting parents and others connected to these children.

Indigo’s often have been described as Warriors. They come in to break down old matrices and systems of control and power that no longer serve the common good.

I describe a following signs, in reference to myself. These signs, however, can also apply to other Indigo Adults. More signs also exist.

Indigo Adults and Children

  1. Have a Need to Know

As a young child, teen and adult, I surrounded myself with books. I thirsted, as an adult, to understand the deeper core meaning behind esoteric religions, psychology and wisdom teachings of the world. At 24, I knew intuitively with full certainty that the most important thing in life focused on my inner emotional and spiritual growth – outer material career meant nothing. I needed to discover and know my true nature.

  1. Dislike Authority and Control

Initially, had a challenging time at school. I had no interest. This shifted in grade 3 when a teacher talked to my mother. I have no memory what my mother said to me. From that time on, however, I totally focused on doing my best.

Even though I disliked authority and control, unlike some Indigo’s I refrained from being a rebel.

  1. Have Difficulty with Violence and Suffering in the World

In my family, my father as an alcoholic raged at my mother. I felt unsafe and insecure and, as a result, I withdrew and went inside myself. In addition, I became quiet and invisible.

As a Peacemaker or Unifier, here is more explanation.

The Unifier portrays my spiritual archetype. A Unifier has the ability to find and hold peace and balance between opposites. With any gift/talent a shadow quality presents itself as a challenge to move through. So, at the low end, of the polarity of Unifier, lies the victim which manifests as either anger or hopelessness/helplessness. This polarity has been a major ongoing challenge for most of my life. See more in feelings of despair below.

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Michael David Lawrience is the author of book provides ways for improving emotional health, easing pain and stress, healing physical and emotional abuse, and spiritual awakening.

Michael as a Residential and Self-Esteem Coach and Mentor has over 13 years’ experience teaching teen’s self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-reliance. See eBook

    Michael David Lawrience has been an Energy Healer for over 40 years. Also a Bowenwork Practitioner since 2005. Michael David has decades of practical experience. with Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Crystal, Rainbow and Starseed children.

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