May 21, 2024
Emotional Healing

Emotional Pain: How to Steps to Spiritual Healing

emotional pain

We feel pain with unpleasant physical sensations or emotions. When we resist emotional pain then we suffer.

Emotional Pain

I explained in “Emotional Pain and Suffering” about Acceptance.

Many people hold emotional pain in their second chakra. Our second chakra lies about 2 inches below our navel. Acceptance brings balance of second chakra. Acceptance involves both our minds and heart.

Consider you have a Choice accepting the pain. Notice when you resist rather than accepting. Resistance occurs when our mind or body avoids and defies. Resistance fights/struggles against someone or something.

emotional pain Among other emotions, anger and victim energies live in our second chakra. These emotions affect our organs; heart, kidneys and stomach etc.

Your second chakra resides below the navel. This chakra holds all our unconscious emotional desires and resistance. It is where our inner child lives. To heal the second chakra requires disciple by our adult self. Our adult teaches our inner child how to heal. Through releasing emotional pain, the child accepts connection/love.

Have you ever felt stuck in a repeating life pattern? Sometimes we also take on the collective emotional patterns of humanity. Ask how much of this suffering is mine? You may believe it is 100% yours? Usually, it is much less like 1-2-3% or even less.

Command: Spiritual Beings

Do a Command to release humanities suffering from you. “I command in the name of the Divine & “Christ” & Archangel Michael” all agreements and contracts out of time, from humanity to me be severed at source and purified by the violet fire from all physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies from all times and dimensions through the DNA down to the subatomic and quantum level, for the highest good of all. NOW.”

Note: With the Command use whichever Divine Beings you connect with.

Yogananda Emotional Pain

Overcoming emotional pain involves connecting with Divine Grace.

The quality of a yogi’s meditation and other actions, the guru’s help, and God’s grace. These are the three requisites of liberation. Yogananda

Would you like to lessen your resistance to receive Grace? Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi defines the effort required. 25% involves improving ourselves through personal inner emotional and spiritual work. Another 25% involves the guidance of inner and outer teachers, including angels and friends. It also includes books and seminars. The last 50% involves Divine Grace when we choose complete surrender.

Receiving Divine Grace, requires the surrender of our minds and fears of our inner child. It requires giving up false emotional and mental beliefs. We let go of illusions. Illusions embrace misperceptions of reality or truth. Then Grace descends like the sun breaking through clouds.   

How to Heal Emotional Pain with Divine Grace

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