Guardian Angels: How Do We Meet Our Angel?

July 14th, 2013

When they (guardian angels) miraculously avert a near-tragedy, or an opportune door ‘coincidentally’ opens for you at just the right moment, you know that angels are helping you in the background. Doreen Virtue, Counseling Psychologist, Healing with the Angel

Do you believe in guardian angels?

Rudolf Steineguardian angelsr, a 19th century philosophic and scientific scholar said we can see the presence of angelic beings in flowing water, in the haze rising from evaporating stretches of water, in the wind, and in lightning. I have seen, over the years, angelic forms in the clouds.

Do you believe you have guardian angels?

Doreen Virtue, well known for her work with angels, says we all have a least two guardian angels. One angel comforts us in times of tragedy or times of need. The other angel acts as a coach or motivator for us to do the right thing.

About 8 in 10 Americans believe in angels, Associated Press 2011.

What Purpose Do Our Guardian Angels Serve?

    • Act us personal guardians
    • Bring happiness, health, joy, and peace
    • Love us unconditionally
    • See our potential and goodness
    • Watch over and guide us


Sedona Vortexes: How to Best Experience an Energy Vortex

April 25th, 2013

In truth it is the power point (Sedona) that activates, aligns and anchors the human. And each human will receive this in a way tailored and defined by their light quotient, attitude and system of belief. Metatron through James Tyberonn

sedona vortexesAccording to James Tyberonn, engineer and geologist, the Sedona vortexes function as one of the 12 Sacred Portals on the Earth because of its cosmic alignment and intensity of magnetic earth energies.   

Tourists visit Sedona seeking and asking, Where are the vortexes?

So do vortexes exist? If they exist what are they?

Native Americans, as well as local residents, recognize the Sedona vortexes. They claim these vortexes to be electromagnetic in nature.

Ben Lonetree, an electrical engineer, studied and monitored the magnetic fluxes in Sedona Arizona with a magnetometer. He conducted measurements of earth magnetic anomalies and their effect on human brainwaves. After 10 years of scientific research he states, Intense electromagnetic activity exists in Sedona. He found his subjects experienced healing, shifts in consciousness, and a sense of well-being.

Energy Medicine: How to Reduce Fatigue and Stress?

September 2nd, 2012

“The medicine of the future will be energy medicine, and chemical medicine will be a subset of medicine as a whole. Probably 80 percent of medicine will be energy medicine, and 20 percent chemical medicine.”

Robert Jacobs, N.M.D., D.Hom.

Energy Medicine

Have you been going through life exhausted?

Have you ever experienced Energy Medicine/Healing?

What is Energy Medicine? Energy medicine or energy healing, as a branch of complementary medicine involves a healer bringing higher vibrations of energy through themselves into another person’s body to improve their health by relieving congested energies, pain, and stress. You may have heard of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, Reiki, Qigong, or Therapeutic Touch used in hospitals by nurses.

Did you know that when you feel fatigued for a long period of time, you may have an imbalance of energy? Your kidney meridian may be depleted and your triple warmer meridian may be on constant alert.

energy medicine12 meridians as described in Chinese Medicine distribute energy throughout our body and organs. A depleted kidney meridian causes the energy in all of our other meridians to run backwards – a domino effect. Energies which usually run in a figure-8 pattern now run up and down our body and we feel fatigued and stress much of the time.

In addition, with the depletion of the above energies the triple warmer meridian I mentioned goes into a fight or flight response. This imbalance steals energy from your adrenals creating adrenal fatigue – chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, tiredness, and weakened autoimmune systems.

Energy Healing: What Secrets Should You Know About Emotions?

June 18th, 2012

The best way out is always through. Robert Frost, A Servant to Servants

Emotional healing led me to study energy healing, which took me beyond my mind and psychology. For over forty years, I have received assistance in emotional and energy healing. The best way out is always through our emotions and feelings.

Most of us as children, however, grew up in families where we have been taught to hide, repress, and suppress our feelings. We have little or no skills in expression and communication of our feelings. Many times the family environment tends to be an unsafe place to voice anything.

Western society seldom honors being vulnerable or the honest healthy expression of feeling.

The following describes briefly my journey from numbness to being willing to feel, express, and be more present with whatever feelings or sensations I experienced in my body.

emotionsI grew up with an alcoholic father whose unvoiced pain dominated my mother and four younger siblings. Shouting matches between my parents over my father’s drinking was interspersed with periods of silence where everyone retreated inwardly to their separate corner of the two story farm-house. An atmosphere of emotions of anger, rage, fear, and depression ruled.

I withdrew for safety, numbed all types of feelings, including suppressing anger, and became depressed without ever knowing it.

I avoided expressing any types of emotions, for emotions meant pain. In later life, friends commented on my “stone face.”


Angel Light Healing Initiation

February 6th, 2012

Angel Light Healing What is It?

angel light healingBefore I explain what Angel Light Healing is, I want to talk a bit about Angels in general.

Angels function as emissaries of light, messengers. We can call upon them for guidance, for healing ourselves, others, and our families, as well as for protection.

About 69% of Americans believe in Angels. Some people call upon the Divine/God or their spiritual guides for assistance.

How often, however, do we call upon Angels to assist us?

Angels will only assist if we call upon them. As an energy healer I have had different clients tell me that they felt other hands upon them during a session after I had left them. Some type of spiritual beings on other dimensions had come in to assist. I always call upon specific spiritual beings, Archangel Michael, and the Divine to assist in healing.

People have sensed the presence of Angels around them as deep emotions swept through their bodies or unexplainable events or coincidences occurred.

Energy Healing: Healing Your Inner Child from Emotional and Sexual Abuse

December 19th, 2011

energy healingAs an adult do you sometimes feel like an unloved child? What is energy healing and how can it heal your wounded inner child?

Eric Robins, M.D. says, Someday the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses.

In the previous article Self-Esteem: What is the Effect of Sexual Abuse on Your Inner Child I discussed abuse. Also, in Healing Your Inner Child: Feeling Your Feelings I gave some ways to begin healing your inner child. One way involves finding an energy healer who has done their own emotional healing to assist you.

What is energy healing and how can it heal your wounded inner child?

Remember as an adult our wounded inner child lives within us as parts of ourselves as we were as young children. Aspects of our inner child may have separated from our being because of trauma.