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How to Best Heal Your Sub-personalities Inner Sage

by Michael
Sub-personalities Inner SageThe duty of the inner sage is to use discernment to keep the other sub-personalities aligned. Almine, Mystic and Visionary

Sub-personalities Inner Sage

The Healthy Sub-personalities Inner Sage or Wise Woman exerts command of inner knowing to discern what truth is. Examples of the Sage or Wise Woman include the Hermit or Crone, Magician or Priestess, Saint and Savior.

Dysfunctional Sub-personalities Inner Sage

• The Dysfunctional Sage looks for truth outside herself or himself.
• The Dysfunctional Sage rather than using his gift of discernment, judges a situation or person.

Note on Sub-personalities: Sub-personalities neglect their roles when dysfunctional. As a result, the Inner Child may show up at inappropriate times because it lacks nurturing and feels unsafe and unwanted. The Inner Child can then take over a role which it lacks the required skills to resolve in a healthy way.

For Example the Inner Child:

• May show up in place of the Nurturer and play the joker instead of being intimate in a relationship.
• May show up in place of the Sage and react out of emotional hysteria rather than having the Sage’s skill of discernment.
• May show up in place of the Warrior and create havoc instead bringing about a peaceful solution.

Healthy Sub-personalities Inner Sage

The Healthy Sage communes with the Divine within rather than searching outside himself for others to give him the truth or spiritual direction.

The Healthy Sage looks for anything left in the deeper layers of his subconscious or in the mirror of his relationships with family members or others to see what still needs healing within him.

The Healthy Sage uses his discernment to offer direction to others. He may suggest to a Nurturer acting as a critical parent to love rather than judge a child. He may explain to a Warrior to rest rather than continue fighting because it’s a waste of energy.

Note: The Healthy Sage’s gift of spiritual direction and understanding to others becomes most useful to healthy rather than unhealthy sub-personalities.

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