Energy Healing February 6, 2012

Angel Light Healing Initiation

by Michael

Angel Light Healing What is It?

angel light healingBefore I explain what Angel Light Healing is, I want to talk a bit about Angels in general.

Angels function as emissaries of light, messengers. We can call upon them for guidance, for healing ourselves, others, and our families, as well as for protection.

About 69% of Americans believe in Angels. Some people call upon the Divine/God or their spiritual guides for assistance.

How often, however, do we call upon Angels to assist us?

Angels will only assist if we call upon them. As an energy healer I have had different clients tell me that they felt other hands upon them during a session after I had left them. Some type of spiritual beings on other dimensions had come in to assist. I always call upon specific spiritual beings, Archangel Michael, and the Divine to assist in healing.

People have sensed the presence of Angels around them as deep emotions swept through their bodies or unexplainable events or coincidences occurred.

Is There a Better Way to Heal?

angel light healingOn May 15, 1991 I asked a meditation teacher in Los Angeles, Is there a better way to heal? I had received a B.A. in energy healing in 1983 after three years of study with Rosalyn Bruyere, an internationally acclaimed healer. Before that I had practiced various forms of energy healing since 1976, particularly with the Bach and California Flower Essences.

In answer to my question the teacher asked me to place my hands on his body and we grounded the healing energy of LaHo-Chi on the earth plane.

I then took the initiative to teach this energy healing once a month in Los Angeles. I also devised and refined a manual from my teachings.

After three years of teaching LaHo-Chi, I brought through a higher frequency of healing energy and named it Creation Energy which I taught for one year in Toronto.

I also taught Angel Light Healing for four years along with the other energy healings. The meditation teacher had given this Angel Light Healing to his students at an earlier time.

Angel Light Healing

The purpose of Angel Healing is to invoke the Healing Light of the Angels for purifying, balancing, and integrating the chakra centers and to align the energetic bodies with the higher realms of Angelic consciousness. This helps us heal and brings us closer to Spirit.

Angel Light Healing, as a gift of the Angels, is always given freely and without charge.

Angel Light Healing Initiation

angel light healingA Gift for Healing Yourself and Others

I gave the Angel Light Healing Initiation for four years when I taught other forms of energy healing over a weekend seminar.

To initiate others into Angel Light Healing or for self-initiation, perform the following ceremony.

Make a simple altar consisting only of a white cloth, a white candle in a clear candle holder, and a cup of fresh drinking water for each person. Wear all white clothes or cover yourself from neck to feet with a white sheet. Kneel upright before your altar.

Put your hands in Prayer Position and say aloud: Angels of Healing please bless me that I may be initiated into your Divine Healing Service. I pledge my heart and hands to the healing of all humanity. I humbly give thanks to thee. Amen.

Take a sip from the cup of water on the altar of which the Angels have infused with their blessing. Now put your head on the ground for a full three minutes.

After 3 minutes, say to the initiates, You are now initiated into Angel Light Healing. Have people pair up and do Angel Light Healing for a minimum of 20 minutes.

The more you practice, the better you get at it. Practice self-healing and healing on others to build your energy channels to let more healing energy come through.

Standard Angel Light Healing Position

When assisting others place your right hand on their abdomen just below the navel (second chakra) and your other hand on top of their head (crown chakra). Do not move your hands during the healing.

For self-healing place your hands on your navel and crown chakras.

Say silently or out loud, Angels of Light, please heal, Angels of Light, please heal me. If necessary, repeat this three times to start the energy flow.

At the end say silently or out loud, Thank you to complete the energy flow and then lift your hands off slowly.

Angel Light Healing of a Specific Body Part

angel light healingPlace your hands on the front and back of the body part sandwiching the area or directly on the part and invoke the energy. Angels of Light, please heal. Name the body part.

Who Can Heal?

Everyone can heal regardless if you have a natural gift. It requires sincere desire, training, and practice. I have taught both professionals and lay people the art of healing, awakening them to the Universal energy of the One Heart that connects us with our own healing & divinity.

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Michael David Lawrience is the author of Emotional Health: The Secret from Drama, Trauma, and Pain His book provides ways for improving emotional health, easing pain and stress, healing physical and emotional abuse, and spiritual awakening.

Michael as a Residential and Self-Esteem Coach and Mentor has over 13 years’ experience teaching teen’s self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-reliance. See eBook Self Esteem- A Teen’s Guide for Girls

Michael offers Bowen Therapy in person in Sedona, Arizona for easing physical and emotional pain. See

Michael also conducts personalized hiking tours in Sedona for emotional and spiritual breakthroughs.


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  • Dear Michael,

    Thank your for your website.

    I would please like to know why you don’t teach anymore LaHoChi or Energy Creation and what do you think about this healing modalities.

    Would it be that for you energy healing is a less “socially acceptable” therapy or does not bring forth positive results regarding physical health ?

    What kind of results did you get with LaHoChi ? And with Angel Light Healing ? And Energy Creation ?

    Why are you explaning the Angel Light Healing on your website ( Thanks a lot for that !) and not LaHoChi or Energy Creation ?

    Don’t you think that energy healing could make that people forget to focus on their own responsibility regarding their health and some of the roots of their health such as what they eat, drink,… and if we summarize of their way of life ?

    I studied LaHoChi, but it seems to me that I did not receive noticeable results, regarding my own physical health.
    Which counsels could you give me ?
    Did you or will you write a book on energy healing ?
    What could you say to me about La Ho Chi ?
    Which teacher would you indicate ?

    Is energy Healing not simply a Love and Compassion healing and all different energy healings different clothes for the same Universal Love and Harmony ?

    Thanks a lot for your kind answer.



    • Fabienne; I apologize for taking so long to respond. I have been in process moving to a new house and unpacking for the last 4 months.

      I stopped teaching Healing classes in 1995 when I moved from Toronto Canada to Sedona Arizona and focused on writing. I got great results teaching and facilitating healing sessions for people with both Laho-Chi and Creation Energy. Laho-Chi and Creation Energy need to be taught by a qualified teacher who can connect with and hold the highest forms of the healing for the benefits of the student. Both of these forms of healing require personalized instruction and practice. Angel Light Healing can be used by anyone who has a since desire to heal themselves or others by simply asking the angels for assistance. The Angels do the healing. Any type of healing works best when you get your personality self out of the way as much as possible.

      I highly respect the various forms of Energy Healing and have used them for almost 40 years. Since 2005 I mainly practice Bowen Therapy, a type of energetic bodywork, as well basically holding Energy as I connect to the Divine Source, Spiritual Masters, Archangels etc for people in need. Energy Healing is greatly needed in the world today given the drastic changes occurring. It also requires that people take care of their physical health, exercise, eat nutritious foods, drink adequate water, and be willing to change emotional and mental patterns that create pain.

      The level of benefits of Energy Healing for an individual depends on the level of consciousness of the teacher or practitioner and their ability to be a direct connection with the Divine Energy of Love. Different teachers or practitioners can work with the same type of Energy Healing and people will get different results. It also depends on the willingness of the person to let go of their subconscious resistance to change and truly heal. Fabienne as you may realize Energy Healing is simple yet complex.

      The first two parts of my book are about energy healing and the third part is about Spiritual Awakening. You can order the softcover or there are three kindle ebooks. Go to the Amazon site and read about them and see which helps you the most.

      May You Be Assisted on Your Healing Journey;

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