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August 8th, 2011

We all want to feel better? How to achieve this is the question. Two ways towards creating a solid foundation for feeling better or improving our emotional health include making conscious choices and cultivating inner awareness.

If you answer “Yes” to any one of the about questions then take a look at the following.

Healing emotional pain

Emotional Freedom

The 1st step to feeling better involves making a conscious choice to change. Our unconscious choice, which is still a choice, would be to continue to emotionally react wherever the same situations continue to appear in our lives as they always have.

When we make a conscious choice to change – to heal our emotions – this means we decide to start to learn to become responsible for our emotional states. We may be unaware of how to do this at the moment. So we ask the question internally, What is at the core of my emotional pain? Then we forget the question and somewhere at some time the answer will come to us as an inner awareness, something someone says, in a book, attending a seminar, or through therapeutic work, etc..

Now Moment

Now Moment

Tip 2: Cultivating Inner Awareness

I mentioned the 1st step to feeling better involves making a conscious choice to change. Are you ready to make that choice?

The second step involves awareness – internal awareness. This means becoming conscious when
we emotionally react. So rather than staying in our emotional upset, we choose to notice our behavior, internal physical sensations, our emotional state, and our thoughts.

Do we yell and scream or do we retreat inside fuming? Is our body tight and contracted or are we ready to explode?

What are our emotions? Do we feel numb, tired, victimized, stressed, or emotional pain? Do we tend to blame the other person?

What are our thoughts? I don’t know what to do different. I can’t take this anymore. Why do people always treat me this way? Nobody loves me.

Cultivating awareness brings us into the now moment knowing the content of our emotional states and thoughts. It, like any meditation practice, takes daily focus and practice to become more skilled.

Awareness brings greater connection to us through knowing our internal states. From this state we can heal emotional pain.

I believe our body will tell us the truth of our mental and emotional conditions when we choose to pay attention.

What are you willing to do to feel better?

Want to feel better?

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