Angel Healing for Your Inner Child: Part 2

November 11th, 2012

Heart-WallIn a previous article on Angel Healing, I described soul retrieval with the help of angels for healing your wounded inner child. This article continues that healing of our inner shadow aspect and our heart-wall with angel healing. I illustrate the method from an example of my own experience.


What is a heart-wall?

The Heart Wall acts as a barrier around our hearts made up of trapped emotions to protect us from hurt. Yet, this protection also blocks the flow into and out of our hearts.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code, estimates that 90% of people have a heart-wall of trapped emotions.

Are you ready to heal the pain of your heart-wall?

My Heart-Wall Angel Healing

angel healingThe following describes my experience. I had the assistance of a professional energy healer as well as the angels to guide me.

As I held with the Angels in angel healing, interplay began between my heart-wall and the Shadow, resulted in a feeling of agitation.

When this stage occurs, you may feel agitated. You may want to get away from this feeling. You may want to blame someone or argue with the Angels.


How Can Angels Best Help Healing Inner Child Trauma?

November 4th, 2012

It has always been the role of the shaman to go into an altered state of consciousness and track down where the soul fled to in the alternate realities and return it to the body of the client. Sandra Ingerman

 Soul Retrieval and Angel Healing for Your Inner Child

angel healing your inner child How can angel healing for your inner child help soul retrieval? How can angels help us heal our inner child traumas ? What is soul retrieval?

Shamanic healers perform soul retrieval as a main service. The shamans recover the person’s vital life force, lost or stolen, which can create physical or emotional illness. The integration after the retrieval takes time.

If a stolen part had the quality of love, we may have grown up with a closed heart or a heart-wall – the protective emotional barrier around our heart – this creates a challenge in giving and receiving love. When the missing quality returns, we can begin to learn how to love, over time.

We, as adults, have survived our childhood traumas. Yet, we still suffer with various soul splits as a result of these traumas which require soul retrieval.

We can, however, as an adult travel back in time and reconnect with aspects of our inner child who split off from its core self as a result of trauma. We have the strength to assist our wounded child to heal.


Does Your Inner Child Feel Abandoned?

August 24th, 2012

If you feel alone, empty, anxious, depressed, hurt, angry, jealous, sad, fearful, guilty or shamed, you are abandoning yourself.

Dr. Margaret Paul, Ph.D. Psychology

Inner Child Therapy

inner child A feeling of abandonment, as a child, creates our first major wound. This abandonment can out picture as loneliness, loneliness in groups, or feeling unseen by our parents or siblings or peers. This feeling then becomes subconsciously active in our inner child, as well as all of our relationships, tainting them.

Choose to become aware of how your inner child feels by going inside yourself. Do you feel; overwhelmed, out of control, lost, little, lonely or just plain sick and tired? This tells us our inner child needs attention.

Simply take a breath and imagine connecting with that small child within you at any age that comes to you.

Imagine talking to your inner child and asking them:

  • What do you feel?
  • What do you need?
  • What would you like to do?



Healing Your Inner Child: Feeling Your Feelings

December 5th, 2011

 inner childGrowing up in the Western world we have been taught as children and adults to avoid showing any emotions. So when feelings begin overtaking us we stop breathing and apologize for feeling. As a result, our inner child, the emotional part of us, lives with its wounds and suffers.

Emotions or E for energy in motion wants to express naturally through our bodies. When we stop the flow of these feelings, they gather and become trapped in different parts of our bodies and our inner child. Repressed and suppressed over periods of time, they can develop into physical conditions such as heart disease or cancer etc.

What is the Truth about Feelings?

1. Denying our childhood emotional wounds will not make them magically disappear. As I said earlier, emotions manifest as energy. Suppression causes them to stay trapped in our bodies and our inner child. Pressure builds until we explode outward or the energy implodes inward and we suffer heart disease or cancer. Note: PTSD represents emotional trauma begging for release trapped in the bodies of war survivors.


How Will Loving Your Inner Child Improve Your Happiness?

November 27th, 2010

 Inner Child Work

Inner ChildIf you came across a child or your inner child who was lost, frightened, neglected, or abused would you tell them to be quiet, go to the corner and not to complain? Yet, every day in counseling offices around the world, patients are told to let go of the past and focus on the present only.  While there is certainly wisdom in this approach, for “The past cannot be changed”, “What is done, is done”, “Yesterday is dead and gone”; sometimes we need to look at the victim that is crying out for help.

The inner child that resides in all of us came upon this world taking in stimuli of all sorts. Sound, sight, smell, taste (although not very sophisticated), touch and reacted to it via emotion and feelings.  A baby will respond in fear to a harsh voice or look or coo in delight to a smile or silly noises.  As they explore, their experiences grow in depth and diversity. They know how it feels to be loved and protected and they know how it feels to be frightened and alone.  A healthy child takes the next step and begins finding out answers for themselves through exploration starting before their first birthday, giving way to the beginnings of the “Adult” who thinks for them self.  If all goes well, this development continues and blossoms.  As they grow the child remains but is happy, content and always available with a sense of creativity, joy, and a sense of fun & adventure (along with cravings for the occasional sweet treat or comfort food.)


Is Your Wounded Inner Child Ruining Your Life?

September 2nd, 2010

The Wounded Inner Child, Does it Run Our Lives

inner child Like most of you I had no idea I had an wounded inner child until in my early 40’s motivated by a series of unhappy relationships, I gained an interest in my inner child and the possibility of healing him.

I grew up as an invisible lost child in a family with an alcoholic father.  So I repeated the same trauma in my intimate relationships whenever I felt threatened, I retreated into my self without ever expressing my feelings. Some of my partners did the same.

My wounded inner child remained unknown to me until my partner at the time told me she had a therapist who worked with healing her inner child.  This and most of all the pain of being unable to express my feelings or needs in relationships motivated me to contact this child. I started by reading John Bradshaw’s, Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child.


Healing Our Inner Child Emotional Wounds

June 28th, 2010

An eternal child lurks in every adult. Carl Jung, Collected Works, Volume 17

Healing Our Inner Child

Inner Child Our inner child represents us between the ages of birth to adolescence. The inner child’s psychological nature consists of childhood negative and positive experiences, emotions, and self-worth.  Besides being the result of our childhoods, this accumulation passes down through the generations of our family.  Our inner child resembles a boy or girl; newborn, age three, five, eight, or ten, who looks just the way we did at that age.  This child can be the same sex or the opposite sex.

One aspect of our inner child may feel unloved, unrecognized, and fearful in other words, the neglected or abandoned child. This child craves nurturing and unconditional love.  This child neither sees nor feels the light.  Instead, it feels trapped, sad, and lonely inside of a dark, non-nurturing world.  This feeling of lack of love passes down through our family bloodline.  If we heal it in ourselves the next generation no longer inherits the lack of love. Healing our inner child heals the inner child of our children and our children’s children.


Valuable Tips How to Heal Your Wounded Inner Child

March 30th, 2010

 inner child

Our inner child contains all our positive and negative emotional patterns. He or she lives in our psyche as the little child we once were. He or she carries the wounds of past trauma. A clue that our inner child runs our lives emerges in the patterns of drama and trauma, which keep reappearing repeatedly in our adult lives. Another clue shows itself if we keep retelling the same story of suffering to others.

My inner child carries the wounds from growing up with an emotionally distant father addicted to alcohol. Yet, I am grateful for him allowing me, at the age of ten, to play for two summers with my younger brother. We played fantasy cowboy games amongst the groves of maple trees.

As a man, I never related to my inner child. In fact, I knew nothing about having an inner child. In addition, when I studied psychology at college no one mentioned the inner child at the time.