Introducing How to Know 6 Twin Flame Stages

February 19th, 2016

Twin Flame Stages

A Twin Flame experiences a strong spiritual attraction. Twin Flames have a main purpose of assisting humanity shift their consciousness.

Twin Flames face many obstacles in their relationship to heal all their personal emotional baggage.

Twin Flame Stage 1: Preparation

twin flameI had four major relationships in my 30’s. I had few relationship skills as a result of being codependent and sorely lacking in knowing how to express my emotions. These relationships ended painfully.

Yes, as karmic soul mate relationships, in spite of the pain, I progressed in my personal growth. With the ending of the fourth relationship, however, I decided because of the pain I no longer wanted a relationship for the rest of my life. I believed myself incapable of loving.

So unlike these who seek a Twin Fame, I had never heard of this type of relationship. Neither my personality or my soul had any yearning to find the perfect love as described for some in Twin Flame stage 1.

Twin Flame Stage 2: Glimpse Heaven on Earth

I met my Twin Flame, Lyn, after living in Los Angeles for 15 years and then returning to Canada the country of my birth. When I first met her in Toronto Ontario to teach a weekend healing seminar before returning to Los Angeles, I felt no attraction.

In a group of 30 strangers, Lyn recognized me right away once I brought the healing energy through me. She said nothing to me at the time. She waited to see if I would recognize her.

Lyn, like me, knew nothing about Twin Flames. She like me had also given up on relationships as they turned out to be so unsatisfying.

Before coming to Toronto, I had experienced a dark night of the soul for a number of months and felt wrung out and bedraggled. Lyn, however, told me later that when I turned on the healing energy I “lit” up. She knew me right away. She went home and told her dad, “I met the man I am going to marry.”

With the overwhelming success of the first healing seminar, two months later I returned to teach a second healing energy seminar. At the end the two days, Lyn and I hugged.

I felt a sense of expanding into the Universe and coming home in her arms; two souls recognizing their connection and completeness.