How to Love a 5th Dimensional Consciousness Shift

May 29th, 2015

5th dimensional consciousnessAscension emerges when all of humanity has the opportunity to experience spiritual evolution. That time is now for a 5th dimensional consciousness shift!

You can choose to align with your own personal Divine Being i.e.; Allah, Christ, Yahweh, Archangel Michael etc. You quicken your own Ascension by raising the energy/vibration of what you daily think, feel and act.

The following may work for you as a daily statement keeping your focus positive when negative feelings or thoughts arise. Reality governs my every thought. Truth be the Master of my Life.

In 3rd dimensional consciousness, we bounce back and forth between polarities or opposites such as anger and victim; happiness and sadness; fear and peace; judgment and acceptance etc.
We desire to avoid feeling the more challenging emotions while wanting to experience only the pleasant ones.

As our spiritual journey continues we travel through 4th dimensional consciousness. Do you find yourself swinging back and forth between opposites? You may find yourself eventually in the middle or center point of the polarities. Once you settle into this middle point or stillpoint you may experience calm or peace. If so then this is 4th dimensional consciousness.