Smashwords – Interviews Author Michael Lawrience

September 24th, 2013

Smashwords Interview

Smashwords – What is Your Greatest joy of Writing?

Michael David LawrienceI write nonfiction to assist readers for healing physical and emotional abuse and suffering. I also write for teenage girls on how to improve their self-esteem. My joy lies in the opportunity to assist readers to change and decrease the pain in their lives. I also experience joy in being creative and simplifying complex ideas so they can be more easily understood.

Smashwords  – What is the Story Behind the eBook Self-Esteem: A Teen’s Guide for Girls?

As a teenager, I suffered with the lowest possible esteem. I felt bad and had constant negative thoughts about myself for a lot of years. As I taught 100’s of teen girl’s self-esteem over a number of years, I saw 90% in my groups had very low to below average esteem. Almost everyone over 10-12 weeks would improve their esteem.

As I saw self-esteem remains a major challenge with media’s emphasis on girls and women being super thin and having to achieve an impossible standard of beauty, I decided to write a book giving more girls an opportunity to see the truth, gain awareness and have a choice to love themselves.



Healing Family Lineage DNA

September 15th, 2013

Our biography (family lineage) becomes our biology. Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit

Michael David LawrienceHave you struggled for years with the same emotional life issues, even though you have been healing them? Do you feel frustrated because an issue never seems to completely heal? A family lineage pattern may be stuck in your DNA. It is thus crucial healing family lineage DNA.

These patterns may come up in abuse, addictions and anger, depression or money issues to name a few main ones.

My particular patterns of anger, separation and worthiness and relate to my fathers’ lineage while a pattern of feeling like a victim comes from my mother’s lineage.

Although, I spent most of my life healing emotional patterns, it is only recently that I received clearer insight and the knowledge that the right time has come for finally healing family lineage DNA, once and for all.

Thus, our biography of negative attitudes, traumatic memories and self-esteem becomes our biology i.e., our emotions and thoughts affect our bodies, cells and DNA.