12 Signs of Twin Flame Relationships

August 27th, 2013

When you look into the eyes of another, any other, and you see your own soul looking back at you, then you will know you have reached another level of consciousness. Brian Weiss, M.D., Only Love is Real

What is the Difference Between a Soul Mate and a Twin Flame?

twin flameTwin Flame: Twin Flames experience a strong spiritual attraction. They have a main purpose of assisting humanity shift their consciousness. Twin flames face many obstacles in their relationship to heal all their personal emotional baggage.

Soul Mates: Soul mates attract each other through the chemistry of romantic feelings. The powerful force of sexual attraction is hard to resist. Soul mates come together, in various relationships, over lifetimes to learn major life lessons with each other.

What are Some Major Signs of Twin Flame Relationships?

The following indicate some signs I have experienced in my relationship of almost twenty years with my wife, Lyn. Others may encounter other additional signs.

Again, the main purpose of Twin Flame relationships lies in service to humanity.


How to Balance the Energy of Solar Flares in Your Body?

August 11th, 2013

The solar flares can break apart old patterns that are no longer needed so new ones can emerge. This can make us feel hyper and exhausted all at the same time. Heather Carlini – Carlini Institute

Scientists now know that the sun’s magnetic field connects with the earth’s magnetic field. Furthermore, solar flares affect each of our electromagnetic fields and thereby our physical, emotional and mental states.

How Do Solar Flares Affect Our Emotions and Consciousness?

Solar FlaresThe pineal gland remains highly sensitive to changes in magnetic fields such as those produced by increased solar activity. Our pineal gland produces DMT, a chemical closely related to serotonin, which can act as a gateway into higher levels of consciousness.

Russian scientist Tchijevsky found 80% of significant human events occurred during a 5 year period surrounding the peak of solar flares activity.

These significant human events include the breakdown of social structures which no longer serve the greater good of humanity and the evolution of more suitable ones. We can, however, use this increase in creative energy for positive emotional, consciousness growth and social transformation.

On the other hand, while some people may be affected by solar flares in a positive way others react in negative ways. People with repressed and unhealed emotions such as anger and fear, as well as mental health issues, can experience a weakening of their electromagnetic fields because of increased vulnerability.