Women How to Unlock Your Unique Divine Feminine Archetype

July 31st, 2013

We women, when we’re searching for a meaning to our lives or for the path of knowledge, always identify with one of four classic archetypes. Paulo Coelho

What is a Divine Feminine Archetype?

divine feminine archetypeAn archetype consists of psychological and emotional qualities of thought and behavior. A Divine Feminine Archetype exhibits the best and highest expression of these energies in a woman.

Divine Feminine Archetype qualities emerge more as women begin taking their rightful place with men in the world to balance the masculine energies ruling the world at this time.

Each of us, both men and women, carry within our psyche both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Archetype energies. We manifest these energies in our everyday activities. By consciously developing these qualities, we become more mature and balanced as men and women working together for a better world for all.

Men: I challenge you to become aware and integrate the feminine archetype qualities into your inner feminine or anima.

What Six Main Divine Feminine Archetypes Do Women Possess?

Note: Notice what qualities you possess in each of the archetypes to see your strengths. Also, at the end of the article notice where you can develop more as you read the questions related to the shadow aspects of the archetype.


Guardian Angels: How Do We Meet Our Angel?

July 14th, 2013

When they (guardian angels) miraculously avert a near-tragedy, or an opportune door ‘coincidentally’ opens for you at just the right moment, you know that angels are helping you in the background. Doreen Virtue, Counseling Psychologist, Healing with the Angel

Do you believe in guardian angels?

Rudolf Steineguardian angelsr, a 19th century philosophic and scientific scholar said we can see the presence of angelic beings in flowing water, in the haze rising from evaporating stretches of water, in the wind, and in lightning. I have seen, over the years, angelic forms in the clouds.

Do you believe you have guardian angels?

Doreen Virtue, well known for her work with angels, says we all have a least two guardian angels. One angel comforts us in times of tragedy or times of need. The other angel acts as a coach or motivator for us to do the right thing.

About 8 in 10 Americans believe in angels, Associated Press 2011.

What Purpose Do Our Guardian Angels Serve?

  • Act us personal guardians
  • Bring happiness, health, joy, and peace
  • Love us unconditionally
  • See our potential and goodness
  • Watch over and guide us

Note: Guardian angels like any angel usually only comes when we call upon them or ask for assistance. We can call for them in our minds or out loud. Tom T. Moore, author, The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide for those who Believe in Angels has a simple tool for calling in your guardian angels or whichever other spiritual being you connect with.

Say, I request assistance from my Guardian Angels for the Most Benevolent Outcome for (add details of the situation or person). You no longer need to focus on the request or how or when it will manifest. You can call on healing of body, mind, spirit, finances etc.

See video Meet Your Guardian Angels – Doreen Virtue


Also Check out Angel Light Healing article http://www.emotionalhealthtips.com/angel-light-healing


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Men How to Unlock Your Divine Masculine Archetypes

July 1st, 2013

Moore and Gillette identify four archetypes of masculine energies from myth and literature: the Lover, brimming with vitality and sensitivity; the Magician, guider of the processes of inner and outer transformation; the selfless and wise King identified with Adam or primordial man; and the Warrior, whose energies often go awry in destructive activity. Publisher Weekly Review King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette

What is a Divine Masculine Archetype?

divine masculine archetypesAn archetype consists of psychological and emotional qualities of thought and behavior. Divine Masculine Archetypes exhibits the best and highest expression of these energies in a man.

Women what type of divine masculine archetypes do you see in the men around you? Women you also carry within your psyche divine masculine archetypes energies.

What Four Main Divine Masculine Archetypes Do Men Possess?

1. King/Leader: Qualities – benevolent, calm, intelligent, right action, selfless, stable, wise.

2. Lover: Qualities – appreciates beauty, connected to others, joy, in his body, passionate, sensitive to others.

3. Magician: Qualities –intellectually curious, mediator, possesses some manual skills, reflective

4. Warrior: Qualities – clarity of thought, decisive, disciplined, knows himself, loyal, protector, selfless service.