Sedona Vortexes: How to Best Experience an Energy Vortex

April 25th, 2013

In truth it is the power point (Sedona) that activates, aligns and anchors the human. And each human will receive this in a way tailored and defined by their light quotient, attitude and system of belief. Metatron through James Tyberonn

sedona vortexesAccording to James Tyberonn, engineer and geologist, the Sedona vortexes function as one of the 12 Sacred Portals on the Earth because of its cosmic alignment and intensity of magnetic earth energies.   

Tourists visit Sedona seeking and asking, Where are the vortexes?

So do vortexes exist? If they exist what are they?

Native Americans, as well as local residents, recognize the Sedona vortexes. They claim these vortexes to be electromagnetic in nature.

Ben Lonetree, an electrical engineer, studied and monitored the magnetic fluxes in Sedona Arizona with a magnetometer. He conducted measurements of earth magnetic anomalies and their effect on human brainwaves. After 10 years of scientific research he states, Intense electromagnetic activity exists in Sedona. He found his subjects experienced healing, shifts in consciousness, and a sense of well-being.