How to Heal the Pain of Low Self-Esteem

October 7th, 2012

Our dependency makes slaves out of us, especially if this dependency is a dependency of our self-esteem. If you need encouragement, praise, pats on the back from everybody, then you make everybody your judge. Fritz Perls, Gestalt therapist

Check out these 6 practices to shift your dependency on others and begin to build your self-esteem. Begin to feel good about yourself. Begin your self-healing.

6 Tips to Begin to Build Your Self-Esteem

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

There will always be people prettier and smarter than you. How would you treat your best friend? Treat yourself even better.

I emphasize that comparing ourselves to others can come from low self-esteem… Every person you meet, every situation you encounter, challenges you to become a stronger, more loving, and confident person…. Self-esteem comes from embracing this, working with what each day brings. Judith Orloff, M.D., Author, Emotional Freedom

2. Begin Looking at Your Strengths

self-esteemList Your Positive TraitsWrite down a minimum of 10 positive traits in your journal and keeping adding to it. Practice using at least one positive trait each day.

Whatever you practice over and over develops into your attitude, abilities and qualities of your life. Author Unknown

I find the less you focus on your flaws, the better off you are. Be yourself and be glad. Michelle Pfeiffer, Actress

3. Stop Hating Your Body

Do you believe you should diet and exercise to look like the models in the glossy magazines. You weigh too much. You’re too short, you’re too tall.

Everyone has a different body. No one type is better or worse than another. Models have to be very tall and thin, few people look like that.

I have cellulite. So what?

I’ve never claimed to be perfect. It’s crazy anyone should assume that just because you’re in the spotlight, you’re flawless. Sometimes I pig out and I still feel great, and think, ‘That was so worth it!’ And don’t forget: The vast majority of women – even thin, fit ones – sport lumpy bits, so don’t let it sap your mojo. Kim Kardashian, Actress, Model, & Television personality