What are the Benefits of Living Your Life Purpose?

September 27th, 2011

Living Your Life Purpose

living your life purposeBefore you can enjoy the benefits of living your life purpose, you need to find it. How do we find purpose in life?

Many of us live unable to find our purpose in life for much of our lives. We are born, go to school and cram facts into our heads, marry, go to work, and then rush home from work too tired to do much of anything.

We live mediocre lives without purpose, only routine. Life rushes past us. We feel alone, separate, depressed. Then we die.

Now back to the question how do we find purpose in life? Even more so, how do we know how to recognize when our life purpose shows its face in our lives?


What is the Best Way to Find Your Life Purpose?

September 19th, 2011

life purposeYour brain can never figure out your life purpose. Once we, however, develop a connection with our Higher Self or Soul, only then will we begin to access our true life purpose and our area of service in the world. Finding and fulfilling your life purpose involves using our specific gifts and talents in service for the betterment of others.

Some of the “New Children” being born come in with a sense of their purpose. Most of us, however, glimpse and develop a stronger sense of it over time after much life experience, perseverance, and trials and tribulations. In other words, if we persevere through our life challenges and develop our special talents then we will use these to assist others who face similar challenges.

Our soul as the next level of our spiritual self connects with us through our mind, emotions, and physical body. When we reach a certain level of development in consciousness where we have learned how to take charge of our emotions and thoughts then the energy of the soul functioning as higher mind and a compassionate heart can flood our bodies more easily with soul energy for greater clarity of our life purpose.


How to Improve Self-Love Twin-Flames Relationships

September 13th, 2011

Self-Love Twin-Flames Relationships

Twin-Flames: Do You Love Yourself?

When we judge ourselves, we carry this over to judging others. This judgment reflects the lack of love for ourselves. This becomes a challenge for self-love twin-flames relationships.

self-love twin-flamesLikewise, when our inner critic criticizes us for being not good enough, we criticize others for not being good enough, even though it may be in our minds only. Our judgments and critical thoughts close our hearts to loving ourselves and thereby others.

I believe many people remain unaware of how they think and the way they treat themselves becomes the same way they treat most other people.

Do you know people who are unkind to others? When you reflect on them do you see they have the same unkindness towards themselves, the same lack of self love?

Are you ready to take another step in loving yourself?

This means you accept yourself just the way you are. Once you can do this, then change can happen.


Stress Relief: 5 Top Useful Best Tips for Women & Men

September 7th, 2011

Stress Relief – What is the connection between stress and disease? Research has shown that stress starts at a cellular level in the DNA. Our DNA holds the destructive energy of our unconscious beliefs and feelings. This energy creates stress, which decreases our energy flow and over time affects our emotional health, as well as our physical body with chronic disease. To learn more see The Healing Code by Loyd and Johnson.

stress reliefWhat are the top stress relief tips for women? Women when stressed tend to reach out to other women for emotional support and express their feelings. Women like to talk about their feelings and tell their stories, usually to other women. This are some of their methods of stress relief.

Stress Relief Tips for Women

1. Develop a Support System Review and keep in mind what best brings you stress relief so you know what to do when stress builds up.

2. Cultivate Positive Friendships Have friends you trust and feel safe with. Look for people who can provide you with a positive perspective, who stay calm under pressure, and who have emotional balance.