5 Top Best Easy Useful Stress Relief Tips for Men

January 9th, 2011

stress reliefAs a man how do you handle stress or as a woman how do you see men gaining stress relief?

As men when stressed, we tend to run away from our feelings, push them into our unconscious, or when pushed beyond our limits blow up in a rage. Men, in general, seek the company of other men in some activity like golf or watching a football game to escape their stress and get stress relief.

Growing up, the oldest of five, in a family with a raging alcoholic father, I withdrew into myself for protection. So I learned at an early age to bottle up my feelings. I lived with the stress of never knowing when my father would come home drunk and goad my mother into a verbal fight.

As a teenager, I never consciously thought about ways to relieve stress. I simply lived with it and the constant desire to find a way to escape the family as soon as possible. Living on a farm, however, gave me the chance to be outside and in nature a great deal of the time. Nature grants natural stress relief as well as being a mood elevator.